Which Bridgerton Character are you as per your Zodiac Sign?
Which Bridgerton Character are you as per your Zodiac Sign?(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Pandit Jagannath Guruji, renowned celebrity astrologer has given us insights into each zodiac’s core personality comparing them with characters of the very trending show Bridgerton. Find out which one are you!


There is nothing an Aries cannot accomplish if they set their mind to it—no mountain is too tall. You like to keep the reins in your hand. Who else would you be but Lady Danbury?


A Taurean, who is loyal to a fault, is the most dependable person to have on your side when things become tough. The friend that everyone cherishes, you are Eloise Bridgerton.


This air sign can adapt easily to any situation. However, their patience is limited, and there is no place for second chances. You are the Daphne Bridgerton.


Behind the brooding castle that a Cancer has built to protect themselves are vast amounts of profound, unwavering love and loyalty. You are none other than Anthony Bridgerton.


Leos are self-assured and dominant and thrive on being the center of attention. The natural leader is our beloved Queen Charlotte!


If the world ended tomorrow, you would want a Virgo to lead the march into the new dawn. However, you can often doubt yourself and be self-destructive. This makes you Benedict Bridgerton.


If you want someone to provide a consoling shoulder during difficult times, call the first Libra in your contact list. Often the best dressed and most presentable, you are Violet Bridgerton.


Scorpios’ fiery, strong personalities can turn any time spent together into a crazy, adventurous trip. While they will go the extra mile to meet your emotional needs, they are notoriously private about themselves. Hello Kate Sharma!


There is no better storyteller than a Sagittarius—the entire audience hangs on every word they say. However, it is often difficult for them to see beyond themselves, making them Lady Featherington.


Not everyone can conquer the world, but if a Capricorn sets out to do so, nothing will stop them until they reach their goal. With a disposition built for practicality, they are known to be harsh on others’ errors. You are the Duke of Hastings!


Aquarians’ reclusive attitude makes it difficult for them to form ties with others around them. Often consumed with jealousy and pride, you are the perfect Cressida Cowper.


If you want to escape the dull everyday grind, Pisces’ inventive mind can transport you to a world of fantasy. A witty mind and a lover like none other, you are Penelope Featherington.

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