Will Top Gun 3 Box Office Match The Level Of Tom Cruise's Top Gun Maverick?
Tom Cruise’s Top Gun 3 Grabs Headlines! ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Top Gun 3 is all over the news as a few days back, it was learned through reports that the threequel to Tom Cruise-led successful Top Gun franchise is in development. It’s really big news, and not just the actor’s fans but even box office enthusiasts are filled with enthusiasm; the reason is obvious: big numbers garnered by Top Gun Maverick and sky-high expectations following that. Keep reading to know more!

It all started in 1986!

Before we get to one of the biggest blockbusters of 2022, let’s talk about the film from where the journey began. Yes, we’re pointing at 1986’s Top Gun. Produced at $15 million, the action drama was never expected to be the cult it has become over the years. Back then, it saw mixed reviews coming its way, but that didn’t stop the audience from giving it a go.

All thanks to jaw-dropping and brilliantly executed aerial action scenes, Top Gun received a lot of love, and as a result, the film ended up earning $357.28 million at the worldwide box office (including re-release), as per Box Office Mojo.

Top Gun Maverick’s blockbuster success

The team returned in 2022, i.e., after a gap of 36 years, and all they received was only love. This time, not just people’s appreciation but even the unanimous critical acclaim was there. It all helped Top Gun Maverick enjoy long legs at the box office, and as a result, a grand total of $1.495 billion came on board.

If we make a fun comparison in terms of box office, the Top Gun franchise grew like a monster. From Top Gun to Top Gun Maverick, the worldwide box office saw a rise of 318%. With such a growth, Top Gun 3, whenever it arrives, will have to suffer a burden of expectations pinned on it.

Expectations from Top Gun 3

If a similar trend of 300% growth is expected, the number goes well beyond $4 billion and that’s clearly an impractical target. Also, it is to be considered that Maverick returned after a gap of three and a half decades after its first part. Here, Top Gun 3 is expected to arrive much sooner than expected. So, the comparison is unfair.

However, there are some feats that are feasible and are ‘must achieve’ targets for Top Gun 3. The first and foremost thing would be to touch the $1.5 billion mark. With Top Gun Maverick, Tom Cruise got his first $1 billion box office success and with the threequel, one expects at least $1.5 billion.

Another feat that’s achievable is entering the $2 billion club. So far, only six Hollywood films have joined this club and with the kind of anticipation, Top Gun 3 has a chance to be there. The only thing it needs to do is to garner highly positive reviews and word-of-mouth, just like Maverick.

Well, there’s a lot of time to go before Top Gun 3 makes it to the big screen, but till then, let’s manifest to see Tom Cruise’s entry into the $2 billion box office club.

Note: Box office numbers are based on estimates and various sources. Numbers have not been independently verified by Koimoi.

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