Komal Nahta
Komal Nahta

Now that it is established that Ra.One cannot touch the business of Bodyguard in India and that it will fetch more revenues than the Salman Khan starrer in the Overseas circuit, the question being asked is: Is Ra.One a hit or a flop?


The answer is, it is neither a hit nor a flop.

Then what is it? Well, it’s a successful film but not big enough to be referred to as a hit.

Ra One’s budget is 135 crores. On an investment of Rs. 135 crore of Eros International, the corporate house will stand to make a profit of Rs. 25-30 crore which means a return of 20% on investment.

Let’s take a look at the profit & loss account of Ra.One.

COST: Rs. 135 crore


1 Satellite & Music Rights Rs. 40 crore (Already final)
2 India Video Rs. 02 crore (Expected)
3 India Theatrical (Hindi version) Rs. 55 crore (1st week’s share)
4 India Theatrical (Tamil & Telugu dubbed versions) Rs. 04 crore (1st week’s share)
5 India Theatrical (2nd & further weeks) Rs. 06 crore (Expected)
6 Overseas Theatrical (All versions) Rs. 16 crore (1st week’s share)
7 Overseas Theatrical (2nd & further weeks) Rs. 10 crore (Minimum expected)
8 Subsidy from UK government Rs. 28 crore (Letter recd. by Eros; cheque awaited)
TOTAL REVENUES: Rs. 161 crore

Therefore, as against a cost of Rs. 135 crore, Eros will earn revenues of Rs. 161 crore. The film is, therefore, expected to make a profit of Rs. 26 crore.

Shah Rukh Khan In Ra.one
Shah Rukh Khan in Ra.one

Record For Brand Tie-Ups

A total of Rs. 12 crore (approximately) received by Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment from brand tie-ups has not been considered in the P & L Account above since no share from this will accrue to Eros International.

The total value of the brand tie-ups was Rs. 52 crore. Of this, Rs. 40 crore did not come in as cash as they were barter (advertisement) deals. This amount (Rs. 52 crore) is a record for brand tie-ups.

Profit/Loss For Exhibitors & Distributors

N.B.: (i) The Revenues that have already come in are close approximations of actual revenues. The expected figures, on the other hand, are estimates on the lower side.

(ii) The figures against theatrical revenues in (3), (4), (5), (6) and (7) above are distributors’ shares. These are not to be confused with net and gross collections.

(iii) A couple of distributors, to whom Eros sold the distribution rights for some circuits will not be able to recover their cost. C.P. Berar is one such circuit, the distributor of which will not be able to recover his investment. But otherwise, most of the distributors will recover their cost.

(iv) Some exhibitors of small centres, who booked the film on fixed hires or minimum guarantees, would stand to lose part of their investments.

(v) As against Eros’ profit of between Rs. 25 and 30 crore, the total (combined) loss of all the exhibitors and distributors put together would be in the region of Rs. 2.5-3 crore.

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  1. shame on india media,,they r just manipulating ..rest all writes 263crs till 10days..coz bodyguard gives 14 crs to news channels n hindi news paper they were alwz sayin -ve n rest r fans of ass gaymir n sallu who likes doobighat, ready type movs but spreading -ve about ra1.. media n haters manipulating at its peak

    • he he he he Bhai Mer nachna aye tho aangan tedha its shrukh bro paid shiv sena hoping 20 crores of realeaes main name is khan not ” woh kehtha bhandawounko har koi badwa hi lagtha hain aur sabse bada bhadnwa thu hain aur dusra sharukh : Lolz

    • Media ne wahin kahan jo sahi hain aur jo hollywood films nahin dekhe hain aur pehli bar aisi film dekhe hain unhin ko acha lagtha hain bro kya hain iss filme Robor Hain Train Stunt COpy cat, Iron MAn Hain Heart Copycat, Krish Hain juping ocer Buildings Copy cat,,,, thumhe film nahin dkehne athi hogi br usne aisa kuch nahin kiya apne balbudhe par har wakth copy cat ab dekhna yeh hai ke story kahnse churayi hain haan magar ek chiz kiya usne jo aaj thak kisne on screen pe nahin kiya ” Kareena Ka Boobs Chiya ‘ haan woh ek chiz dekhne ko mili iss film me :P Lolz

  2. Sir Always coming up with great reasearch, good work and we are glad that Raone made a huge profit even though people tried leting it down , it was a huge risk which ia pad off , please dont forget that movie is yet to be realesed in many countries , moreover profits sheet given you is minimum , i m sure the maximum share will be huge for Red Chillies :)


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