Shah Rukh Khan Don 2 PosterThe second poster and second trailer of Farhan Akhtar, Shah Rukh Khan and Ritesh Sidhwani’s Don 2 are out and the response of the public to the same is phenomenal. That Don 2 will take a mind-blowing initial is a foregone conclusion in view of the fact that people have loved its trailers and posters. Additionally, it has the advantage of being a sequel of Don which was also liked by the paying public.

There is speculation in trade circles about whether Shah Rukh Khan’s Don 2 will take a better initial than his Ra.One did. While Ra.One was released on Diwali, the Don sequel will come on Christmas – actually, two days before the festival. What is making a lot of people bet on Don 2 are its trailers which are being hailed as extraordinary. Not just the look of Shah Rukh Khan in the film but also of the film as a whole is supremely eye-catching, as is evident from the two trailers that have been released so far.

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  1. The overall look of the movie is very classy and stylish. Khan looks amazing as the notorious Don. And that voice!!!!! Looks like a very well made film, nothing short of Hollywood action movie. Hope it does well.

  2. Don 2 will be a even bigger start at the box-office. the first day of RaOne was hampered bcoz of the diwali puja. but the first day collection of Don 2 should beat bodyguard easily.
    the weekend will also be huge, of abt 55-56 crores. considering the kind of craze 4 d movie, it looks all set to touch 150 crores mark. the presence of Farhan Akhtar as the director is a plus point 4 d movie coz people trust him as a director and he too has a huge fan following. shahrukh was loved as don back in 2006 and will be loved even more in the sequel. some critics did bash Don in 2006, but still people loved it & it became a blockbuster. looks like Don 2 will do very good business worldwide.

  3. Done 2 will definitely rock..As per my personal opinion its looking better than Ra.One…It may be a sequel to Don but its an entirely different movie and truly looks like a classy international thriller..So, expect a bigger opening..Of course number of prints and holiday factors are to be considered..But overall Thums Up!!!

  4. Lets put this way, Don2 has brilliant combination of Farhan Akhtar, SRK & Brand “Don”. So Going by screen play, editing and direction, Farhan Akhtar will outclass all ( Including Anubhav sinha). and christmas is better time than diwali because majority of people are in holidays.

  5. sir ra1 trailer has 3000 likes and 995 dislikes, while don 2 has 10553 likes and 773 dislikes, just imagine if ra1 has 96 crore nett weekend, wot will be the weekend of don 2, more than 150 crore nett bcoz it is releasing in 3D in more n. of screens

  6. After watching Ra.One i want to say just one thing ‘No more SRK movies please’.

    Ajay’s Tezz is comming waiting for it.

  7. i m sure jatinder is salman khan in diguise. sallu stop it. bodyguard’s record has been broken, go work hard, n dont compare urself 2 SRK n AAMIR. sallu u r good. but SRK n aamir d gods of acting

  8. ra one is the next level of bollywood movies.its a very good science fiction…..the best part of it is that the logic and science is new……..the movie will surely be a block bustor worldwide……………….i think no matter what the figures be…..shahrukh should plan a sequal……..of the movie with the hollywood directoe christofer nolan with bigger budget of 500 crores and release it world wide…… will surely be a blockbustor having indian emotions and stars too……………………………………………about don 2…..according to the trailors it will be a blockbustor and surpaas all records

  9. Arrey just as they blamed Diwali puja for hurting Ra 1 collections, they will blame Cold wave in North India or snow storms and blizzards overseas to justify Don 2 in case it fails to break records! Haha!

  10. Well SRK will need to pray for don2 after the flopping of ra-one!

    Ra-One is looking at 40crore+ losses, this is huge. Before the release of the movie they were talking of 3idiots records. They spent 175core on the movie and today on monday it has crashed!

    Ra-One is a flop! period!

  11. all srk haters…….all new promotions strategy is virtually initiated by srk rest imitate him and follows. Srk started promotion on tv way back, he then stopped the same and rest followed…salman is no exception he does promotion on tv …remember all the reality shows(salman appeared everywhere)…srk’s many project did well without media hype.

    all actors are good and have there own space and are very good among there fans. raone has broken many records and yes it is equaly true that it will be broken by next big release(don2) then ek tha tiger…its a cycle ….so why all the fans are hating each other and their repective heroes. its not good for our country. i am hindu and beleives srk and all other actors equally indian and lovable…..unite for them unite for our country….we need international supertar…..right now we have srk as global supertar,amitabh is one living legend….love all…..and hope all superstars movie fare well.

  12. Dear Mr. Komal Nahta,

    You are a very respected rade analyst.Sometimes your inferences are ununderstandable.Paying public do not go to movies nowadays by watching posters and trailers.If posters and trailers are barometer for boxoffice success, then how come Ra.One is falling in collections rapidly after the release of movie.The same is true in case of kites and other big budget movies.Ultimately the story and screenplay are king , not the stars, posters or trailers.I wish being a respected trade analyst, you do not mislead paying public by favouring some stars and movies.

  13. yar khud socho from last 10 years srk vs hrthik,srk vs amir, srk vs akshay now srk vs sallu aur muqablay q nahi hotay q k jung kingdom ki hai aur uska king 15 saal say srk hai

  14. Ra.ONE is now a history and may be a mystery for many. Now it proves that Bollywood has come up ,now the viewers are looking for good directors also as good movies are depend on directors mainly. So, its now turn for Farhan akhtar ,we hope that he ll bring us a good movie .By watching trailors it seems to be a good movie .ultimately we all need good movie whether its from SRK,SALMAN OR AAMIR.

  15. salo salgay fans srk has the more fan following than tom curise, than why u pepole compare with salman and aamir dont u even compare him with tom cruise

  16. don 2 is looking even more deadlieast than the original. iam sure it will make a booom at the box office & will break all the records in the history of bollywood. The look of srk in the movie is absolutely grey, and he is at his ultimate best in playing the negative character!!! don 2 will rock the world.


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