The questions uppermost in the minds of the trade people are two: Will Shah Rukh Khan’s Ra.One overtake Salman Khan’s Bodyguard? And will it overtake Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots? While the race between Bodyguard and Ra.One is neck-to-neck in India, the latter film will be miles ahead of Bodyguard in the Overseas circuit in the final tally. As for 3 Idiots, it is almost hundred per cent certain that Ra.One will not be able to break the record of 3 Idiots. This is because while 3 Idiots was unanimously hailed as a masterpiece, Ra.One is carrying mixed reports. Therefore, the topmost grosser of all times would still be 3 Idiots. Aamir Khan’s fans can breathe easy!

3Idiot, Bodyguard, Ra.One
3 Idiots, Bodyguard & Ra.One

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  1. No matter what Ra.1 will never be a bigger hit than bodyguard. Cosidering its to huge cost and shares so Ra.1 will be below bodyguard anyway

  2. Ra.One cannot beat Bodyguard. Ra.One can only be a “Average or Hit” where as Bodyguard is a “Blockbuster”.

    Ra.One(Hindi) collection is less than Bodyguard after fist extended weekend. May be in second week Ra.One will do better business compared to Bodyguard as there is no Big release.

    At the moment, Bodyguard is leading.

  3. Ra.One Six Day Daily Figures

    Tuesday 1st November 2011 12.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    The daily collections of Ra.One (Hindi) for the first six days are as follows.

    Wednesday – 14.85 crore nett

    Thursday – 22.90 crore nett

    Friday – 15.30 crore nett

    Saturday – 14.55 crore nett

    Sunday – 13.30 crore nett

    Monday – 6 crore nett approx

    TOTAL – 86.90 crore nett

  4. is flop and dropping constantly… can’t overtake DABANGG record…..dinka chika dinka chika re re re re………ha ha ha ha ha ha……..

  5. I think guys like Partha,,Saju didn’t check the collection of RA.ONE that’s why they arWERE talking like this.RA.ONE has already broken the record of BODYGUARD IN ONLY 5 DAYS…………..

  6. I think guys like Partha,,Saju didn’t check the collection of RA.ONE that’s why they
    WERE talking like this.RA.ONE has already broken the record of BODYGUARD IN ONLY 5 DAYS. ………….

  7. SRK is so rude, he only likes to publicize his movies and get people to watch them. I think SRK is a douche because I saw him when he came to Washington DC area for Swades shooting and he was SOOOOOO RUDE…he acts nice in front of cameras and he sucks up to every Hollywood actor so people think that he actually knows them but in reality he is nothing but a scumbag. Best person in the world though is Ajay Devgn because when he was here, he took time out for his fans and came and said hi to everyone.

    FYI Rajni and SRK are not friends..SRK had Amitabh call Rajni up so he can get more south indians to go watch this movie. SRK is a scam and I hate how many people fall for it. I am so glad his movie has tanked.

    • Wow! well said Simi. Every word of your comment is so very true. You are Great! SRK is the rudest and the most overconfident Khans of all.

  8. it very difficult to guest on whether or Bodyguard is going to be the bigger hit ,but i think will hit the world so soon

  9. mr komal nahta .i hope .you are a man of your word.NOW that the whole wold knows.ra one never recover the money it have wasted in it.tell the people the will never do a life time collection of bodyguard.or not even ready.

  10. SRK can nevr beat Salman and Aamir…

    King, emperor, dabbang, most wanted superstar with huge fanfollowing all over the Globe-lengend salman khan is the best.

  11. @ Sami…u hv to know the truth about the Ra.1 collections…Bodyguard defeated Ra.1 with 5cr. Margin….in 6days collection….u hv to accept it other wise u can check some other web sites also..

  12. The first five day weekend brought Ra.One a tally of Rs 80.3 crores. If comparisons have to be made, Bodyguard’s figure was Rs 88.9 crores for five days from Eid on Wednesday till Sunday.

  13. sir which movie is more profitabe bodyguard or pls reply sir.. though ra one earned more than bodyguard but bodyguard was made in a low buget than ra one so do ra one’s buget is its own enemy pls reply sir thank u pls reply which movie is more profitable?????
    but i like ra one more than bodyguard its something different considering our cinema… there are many films like bodyguard but not even a single film like ra one but pls reply to my question sir??? respect to u…

  14. because of increased in the tickte price and dubbing version ra one has managed to recover it’s budget otherwise it would a big disaster.bodyguard is a totally one man show that is salman.

  15. srk aamir or salu
    …………………… best hiro hai …


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