Bollywood director Ram Gopal Varma is of the opinion that “a star is truly the only captain of the ship” and not the director. Varma, who is known to have sporadic outbursts and fights on the micro-blogging platform,, sent out a string of tweets on Wednesday (October 19) morning explaining his position on the issue.

“Bollywood stars have completely shattered the myth of the director being the captain of a ship..a star is truly the only captain of the ship. Whether its Abhinav or Anees or Siddique or Sohail or Arbaaz no matter whoever the director is Salman’s films become superhits anyway,” he tweeted.

After targeting the directors of Salman Khan’s recent films, RGV trained his guns on Shah Rukh Khan’s magnum opus, Ra.One, “The most awaited Ra.One’s director has only a negative record.. whether Ra.One is directed by Anubhav Sinha or Karan Johar people wil still see.”

Ram Gopal Varma's latest Twitter rant.

Varma rounded it up by including Aamir Khan too! “The director of Tashan touted as yashraj ki aag is directing Dhoom 3 ..if Aamir makes even his dog a director I willl b 1st in queue for a ticket. If I myself as a director m not caring about who’s directing these films and m running 2 the theatre what do the audience care about directors?”

Varma summed up his diatribe by adding, “I always blvd that director’s importance has been always there only because stars had an illusion of their importance and so producers followed the same. But now that illusion has been broken the rest should wake up and kick the high flying directors out and make that money also for themselves.” Harsh words, especially coming from a person who is a director himself. Wonder what RGV’s stars will think the next time they work with him?

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