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Is Himesh Reshammiya doing the right thing by bringing his film, Damadamm, in direct opposition to Shah Rukh Khan’s Ra.One?
Komal Nahta: Not really! With Ra.One scheduled to be screened in many shows in every multiplex in the country, its opposition would prove to be too much for Himesh’s Damadamm.

Ra.One Movie Poster, Damadamm Movie Poster

What is the best way to learn script-writing?
Komal Nahta: Watch a lot of films and assist a writer.

I intend to produce a film. What should its budget be, considering that it would be my first film?
Komal Nahta: Budget would depend on the subject and the cast. But it is recommended that you don’t spend too much on the film as it would be your debut film. In other words, select a subject which would not entail a big budget.

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