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Will the delay in release of Mausam by a week prove to be a costly one for the producers and distributors?
Komal Nahta: The delay of Mausam is already proving to be a costly delay as the producers have had to sustain the publicity campaign for an additional week so that the excitement level of the public for the film does not decline. Since films are made on borrowed money, every delay also entails loss of interest on the borrowed funds.

Shah Rukh Khan In Ra.One, Salman Khan In Bodyguard

Which film has the power to break the first-weekend record of Bodyguard?
Komal Nahta: In the near future, the only film which seems to have the capacity to break the record of Bodyguard is Ra.One.

Why is Tips lying low on the film production front?
Komal Nahta: It is not lying low. It is all geared up to start one film after another. Race 2 will be directed by Abbas-Mustan. There is a film to be directed by Siddharth Anand and another, by Mohit Suri. There are at least two/three more films in the pre-production stage. All these films will release in 2013.

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    • one n only srk is the superster after big b……there is no need of idiot n bodyguard in bollywood…..south indian movie k remake banakar n 2-3 superhit movie dekr koi superstar nai ban skta….only king khan is the real superstar of bollywood…..

      • sab abhi pata chal jayega jab movie release hogi, aur 3 idiot aur dabangg kisi ka remake nahi thi, aur rahi baat remake ki toh tera srk bhi film Angoor ke remake me lead actor hai, so don’t give such excuses, asli power audience ko bulane se dikhti hai

  1. Agree with komal sir Ra.one will easily break opening records of bodyguard. But we srk fans want ra.one to be biggest alltime blockbuster in d history of indian cinema. SRK RULES

  2. Hi Sir Komal. Hope you’re doing great as usual. The production budget of Ra.One is at least INR 150 crore, a figure which has been denied by the director. According to latest reports, the advertising and other costs are around INR 60 crore. Which makes INR 200 core in total. Even if the film makes that much in India, which is highly unlikely, the film would be below or average, desperately in need from the overseas markets to recover it costs. I hope you reply to my comments. Blessings and regards.

  3. As of now salman is no. 1 just because srk had just 1 release in last 3 years nd that was mnik with 0 entertainment ..it was serious film. But now srk is coming with masala-action entertainer. If mnik can do 180cr.+ Worldwide then masala superhero movie like ra.one will easily do 300cr+ business worldwide..nd then don2 ohh man this year goes to badshah for sure.next year he will do romantic film with katrina-anushka directed by yashji..salman-aamir ke maje k din gaye ab.

    • Salman is 1 his two movies are huge hits only because last 2 years there was no srk movie!! beta baap aagaya waapas!! :) hath jaon sab bodyguards or Idiots :)

    • beta dekh abi salman or aamir ki watt lagne wali h;kyuki king aa rha h;ab to kisi ki nai chalegi iske aagey no bodyguard no idiot only king.

  4. but Ra.one setlits rights 44crs ha
    gamings rights 20 to 30crs
    music rights 15 to 30crs
    and movie rights 175crs….
    soooo RA.one is the Winner all THE WAY..!!

  5. @vijay- All his films and even associations have flop stamp on it:

    Luck by Chance- Flop
    Billu- Flop
    Dulha Mil Gaya- Flop
    My Name Is Khan- Below average
    Shahrukh Bola Khoobsurat Hai Tu- Flop
    Always Kabhi Kabhi- Flop

    • hahahahah LUCK by Chance ?????
      Billu ???
      Dulha ???
      Shahrukh khan bola ????
      Always kabi kabi ??
      r u OKKKKK?????
      This is NOT SRK movies yaaar…
      MINK na india main 80crs kiye ha..
      and overs main 170crs
      now wait for the Diwali Dhamaka

  6. Bodyguard was released with 5 day weekend and collects 88 crore in just 5 days. And Ra.one will also release with 5 day weekend and this is sure Ra.one has no buff to collect 88 crore in 5 days. And also no chance to cross opening day record of 21.5 crore. But i m not against srk. I loved both karan and Arjun. Best of luck for ‘RA.ONE’.

  7. No one can break the record of Most wanted and fearless i mean Dabbang Salman Khan!!!??…he is the one and only in Bollywood………..

    • if dabbang n bodyguard movie got success then basic reason was that there was no movie of real king srk so……bye n gud luck for sallu n amir….bcos king khan has came….

  8. just wait and Watch…
    Ra.one will b Biggr then Bodygurd..
    veer vs MINK
    don vs Jan e mann
    Sawriya vs OSO
    sawaan vs KANK
    Now Ra.one vs BODYgurd…..

  9. SRK will again beat Sallu as he beat him all these years so Don beat Janeman ,OSO beat Sawariya ,RNBJ beat Yuvraj,MNIK beat Veer and now in 2011 RA. One will beat the hell of that Shitguard,,SRK is the real king

  10. Why do bollywood movie collections are low as compared to hollywood.No bollywood blockbuster has touched the $100 million mark which is considered as a normal hit indicator in hollywood ?

    • that is because of 2 reasons…
      1. the minimum ticket rates in america goes above 12$ whereas it is just some cents in India and if we increase the prices here even up to 10$ then,a lot of movies can touch the 100$ mark….
      2. language problem…most of the countries has English as it’s national language so,Hollywood movies do great business in such countries but here, even the south people can’t understand Hindi

  11. I wanna ask this @dolby ‘sh***y sound’ what is this ‘Yandiran’ movie I’ve never heard of,also it seems that he’s comparing Ra.One with Raavan purely on the basis of similarity in titles.Moron ! you’re a disgrace for this reputed website.Dont ever post your non-sense comments !

  12. @ashwarya negi.I agree with your 2nd reason.But a few cents is Rs.5 and I’m damn sure this is not the avg. ticket price in India.

  13. Ra-One will break SRGay’s gand record. Only Salman and Aamir can break the records.

    SRGay hasn’t got any 100 crore movie yet.

    Ajay is ahead of SRGay.

  14. @tahmed jaan : u only no 1 thing huh as salman …. copyin wt v do
    he copies movies n u copy comments
    n yes ra1 in break all records


  16. ofcourse man ,salman ki bodyguard ekdum faltu thi usme sirf action scene the
    aur salman abhi pak rahe he tere yeh film se
    RA ONE will crosss 1 billion rupees

  17. bollybood ka asli dabangg sallu hai na ki srk…………ye tu tu mai mai karne wala sallu ka record srif sapne me thod sakta hai real me nhi ye kya jane sala acting kya hai………….pradeep patel………….999 group

  18. Mr.komal,what does ra.one need to collect to beat 3 idiots as its budget is bigger than 3 i?can it beat 3 i? please tell in details…

  19. Srk.. Ra one hai to use or uske fans ko bhokne do yar Q ki ra one ka vadh karne ke liye (salman ram) jo hai…

    1) ek tha tiger
    2) sher khan
    3) kick

    Ye anewali movie ra one ka vadh karnewali hai… Or

    Srk ke ki ek bhi movie nahi hai jisne 100cr collection kiya hai

    Salman movie collection

    1)Dabangg 145cr
    2)Ready 122cr
    3)bodyguard 144cr stil runing..

    To dekh lo kon king khan hai..

    • Kutta to koi aur hi dikh raha hai……………..
      Itna bhokne ki zarurat nhi hai beta,, kbhi kbhi jalne ka maza bhi lena chahiye

  20. Srk hamlogo ko dhoka de rehe he.oh apne film ko india me bech rehe he lekin superhero bane he india me nahi bidesho me.to oh hamlogo ke bacho ke lie kaise sperhero ho sakte hai?jo apne desh me sperhero na ban saka oh kakh sperhero hai hamare lie.

  21. salman khan is the best now king of bollywood is salman khan no srk no can beat bodyguard and salman khan the new king of bollywood just aamir khan k=can break the record of bodyguard he has the potential and ra.one is going to be disaster of bollywood its all copy all posters film story is a copy of terminitor and film posters are copy of bitman and harry poter and film action is copy of film robot of rajnikanth so this film is a disaster

  22. RA 1 will be d biggest blockbuster of d decade……..
    And if we talk about Bodyguard n other Salman movies den my advise to all Salman fans dat plz pull out d total collection of both Salman movies i.e. Ready & Bodyguard, RA 1 is gonna cross d gross total collection of both d movies

  23. Ha to bodyguard konsa original h be full copy of malayalam film ‘the bodyguard’.. Ye simple film hit kr gaya toh obviously Ra1 bodyguard se double kamayega….

  24. Ha to bodyguard konsa original h be full remake of malayalam film ‘the bodyguard’.. Ye simple film hit kr gaya toh obviously Ra1 bodyguard se double kamayega….

  25. Because of faltu movie without story ready and bodyguard earn money because of faltu fans why king khan movie ra one, whose music break d all records,not earn money.agar item boy ki picture chalti hai to suparstar shahrukh ki kyo nahi.picture abhi baki hai!think about salman just before 2 year.

  26. i daily prays to god that ra.1 will be the biggest flop of the year.agar ra.1 movie me itna hi dum hai to bodyguard ka 1st day record tod ke dikhaye uske baad aage ki sochenge.

  27. sallu ek waisa ghatiya gira hua janwr rupi insan hai jo ki murder kr ke being human tshirt pehnta hai.insan ki khal me janwar.besrm ladkio se pitata hai.or apne fans tk ko pit ta hai.kmine ki kuch filme uske tapori riksa walo single screen fans ki wajah se kya chal gai bhul hi gaya ki fans ke hi dm se wo bolywod mein bcha hua hai warna kb ka….?

  28. Shah rukhs ra one and don 2 will never beat the records of bodyguard shahrukhs face is like oldy and seeing like above 70 years the new king khan is sallu bhai the gr8 handsome hero shahrukh Sucks

  29. bhok lo kutto bhok lo jab ra one aayga tab samjega sale wo sallu zendubaam acting kuch nahi aati sala tapori ra sare record todega aaj tak kai bhi picture jitna nahi kama paya honga utna ra one kamaega

  30. abe sale tu tv pe to bahut hi sharif admi banta hai par asal mein tu ek ghatia ego se bhara admi hai.jaise srk salman amir main hai,sab upar se dikhawa karte hain acha banneka

  31. Yes he will make lot of money and much money ,he will be much richer because there r many fools to watch his movies and fill his pocket and make him more richer and we have to fight for month to earn thousand of rupees and from which we will spend on his movie to make him more richer , They Blocked my video from you tube because they got worried.
    RA-1 Very Bad special effects Made by child, and they say very expensive movie, money only given to stars for parties m why to watch this low budget action film , Ramsey films better, Spend high cost is sham , a gimmick to give hype to the movie, effects taken from X-men, fantastic 4 etc but r of inferior quality sp I down loaded on my face book many ideas r taken from Robot too.

    RA-one has copied bit from here and there even from Tamil films like Robot.
    Every bit is copied from here and there see. It has even copied the posters from Hollywood films at least they must show some creativity

  32. Definately it will b over a 100 crore weekend 4 srk’s Ra.one.In the end v shud never 4get that srk is the father box office. 3 unworthy openings vl never make salman a bigger star than srkj.

  33. beta abhi se itna mat bolo abhi time ha raone ka ana ka par ek bat sun lo kisi aur star me itna dum nhi ha ki vo apna bhai salman khan ka record tod ske thik ha salo bol mat jana

  34. We do appreciate SRK’s work in the past, however Salman is always Salman, people need entertainment and that’s what we love him for because he is the “BEST” also let me tell you one thing Shahrukh was a kerosene seller in bangalore, salman saw him suffering and then he agreed to give him a chance in the industry, Agree to that salman is the best guys, we know you people will always talk non sense about sallu, atleast respect him for his good deeds Be a Human and appreciate the talent. Aamir is far more better than any chiller SRK

  35. awesome movie my friend is a technician n he saw like first half and hour of the movie and said this is goin to be the best movies vfx graphics wise and otherwise…songs are already topping the charts and pubs ….srk fans and even haters u r goin to love this film mark my words

  36. ra one bodyguard ke sath kabhi takkar nehi mar sakta.kyon ki chuha(shahruk) kabhi sher (salman) ko mat nehi de sakta

  37. tum aur tumahara srk zindagi main kabhi 100crorer dekha hoga srk abhi burda hoga aya usha abhi papa ka role karna chaya aur bhojpuri film bana chaya nahi to kahin zakar malubi ban jana chaya auska ki himat hai jo todega bodyguerd aur idiot

  38. sabka baap aa raha hai diwali pe dekhte hain kaun hai asli superstar Salman, Amir ya SRK…….RA ONE will break all records……koi nahi tikne wala……SRK Rocks always

  39. Ra.one collections will not going to surpass bodyguard collection at any cost.Because salman is the box office king and all of you srk fans do watch out for ek tha tiger.

  40. ab to aamir n sallu ke chamche ke rone ke din aa gaye …….. n srk ki success unke fans ko hazam hoti hi nahi to thik hai kayam churna unke liye fir toh achha hai na ? :-p

  41. Hello good morning friends this is abudullah here i’m an engineering student i’m really big fan of srk sir at least ra one will earn 350 crore in his first weekend bcoz srk has billions of fans in worldwide even i could say ra one will break ddl record if ra one can break ddl record than what are 3 idiots and bodyguard ,dhoom3,krish2 go and watch ra one that it

  42. srk is best in all khans. Abhi to ra-one hi aarahi he uske baad don2 aayegi to ye saal to apne bhai ka hai, salman ki total kitni hit hongi 10 saal me to ye 4 hit hui he salman to ssirf town ka hero he per srk to pure world me famous he, amir ne 2 filme kya hit dedi to log use srk se bada kahne lage c*****a he log,


  44. hey! coll down brothers i think all the khans are very good but i dont think that Ra-1 will break any record since of it big budjet. According to me i think the most succesfull movie which is made in low budjet and earns more like 3id and dabang or b-gard.so i think salman is the best khan among all.

  45. Maybe ra.one breaks the net collections of bodyguard but ra.one will never make such a profit as bodyguard has done because the production cost of the bodyguard was very less as compared to ra.one

  46. Hero to wahi hua na jo kam bajat ki film ko superhit kar de. Na ki film me jada paisa lgakar use hit bnaye. Ye to koi fayde wali bat nahi h.

  47. hello frnds.. i jst 9 1 thng.. salman bhai ko dabbang ke baad attitude dikhana aa gaya..bt shayad salman bhai nhi jante ki shahrukh khan industry ka baap h baap.. ra-one toh hit h boss… n amir ki baat mat karo.. use india ke bahar koi nhi janta.. sikka chalta h toh badshah ka…ol d best srk.. . bt bhai logo inse better industry me ek or hero ane wala h .. yani main…dont worry…na ra-one na chulbul pandey na phunsuk wangdu.. only i m d best…

  48. INSHA ALLAH ra-1 will easily break all the records in the history of bollywood. so bodyguard, idiots sab apni kher manayen bcoz shahrukh ne aik bilkul new trend indian cinema ko provide kar dia hay. thumbs up for the real super hero of all time of not only bollywood but actually the whole world.

  49. being honst nly special effects r really gud but d whole movie is below my expctations itz jst lyk a vedio game childrn might enjy ra1 bt threz lack of univrsl apeal .

  50. Budget of bodyguard 60 crore box office collections 227 crore Budget of Ra 1 175 crore box office collections May b 250 crore bodyguard gains 167 crores.wat wll ra 1 gain 75 crores or may b 100 crores.
    RA 1 OPENING DAY COLLECTIONS 14-15 CR. Body guard 21-22 cr.shahrukhs films frm 2009 0 while salman khan gives 3 all tym blockbusters since 09.wat is left to compare. SALLU MIAN ROCKS…..

  51. Guys,we must praise king khan for his effort,he done his job,king khan always rule,salman is just pathatic.he dnst even knw how to act,bodygard is bulls*** movie

  52. srk rock.ab salman or amir ka bajega band jab hua relese ra-one,bad me don2,srk 3sal nahi to sallu akki chali but abhi nahi,ab only srk king khan

  53. SRK’s ra.one is superb & anyone who is calling it bad is nonsense.He or she needs to watch it again to understand it.surely ra.one will be highest grosser in the history.

  54. Salman always copy film from telugu.its a shame for bollywood. Srk is ruling the bollywood . Salman jaise sade actor sorry gadhe ko lat marke bollywood ke bahar nikal dena chahiye! Lets cheer for the king.

  55. srk is rock in Ra.1. no one can compete with SRK.byRE making of southeast movies nocan become superhero.by the way REMAKING means COPYING.SALMAN bhai is a copykat.Be awarefrom SRK .He is the KING KHAN OF BOLLYWOOD.

  56. it was there to show his clumsiness and the caemra was too shy to show the cleavage. Now his clumsiness was already shown by some preceding scenes so it could have been avoided but nothing as bad as some people are making it here.2.) In some classroom, there is this “humorous” scene where the black, fat teacher is made fun of when her video of doing pole dancing is shown. She is revealing quite massive cleavage there.That scene was definitely in bad taste and there was no need for that.3.) SRK places his hand on Kareena’s boob and some 1/2 min issue is made about it. Dont touch me and stuff.That was nothing bad.4.) Airport checking scene. See it once. Gay jokes.Yes bad one and should not have been there.5.) Three times hitting on private parts. G.one literally is holding Ra.one’s crotch and Ra.one asks “ye tum kya kar rahe ho”.Again nothing wrong. People making it a big deal out of it. I think there have been numerous movies where the heroine hits on some bad guy’s main parts.6.) Condom Condom jokes.It was there twice. Kareena pronouncing a Tamil word wrong the first time which was funny and the second time the kid teasing his mom about it. May be they should have avoided the kid saying it but then the kid is from UK in the movie.7.) SRK spanking Kareena’s a$$ Nothing vulgur about it8.) Criminal Song – enough vulgarity. Kareena’s hotness distracts one though. Agree.The movie should have definitely got a U/A certificate.


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