There’s a misconception in the industry that Mausam has cost Rs. 60 crore to make, promote and release. The fact, however, is that the investment of Sheetal Talwar and Eros International in the film is not more than Rs. 42-45 crore. Given this, the first day’s opening figures weren’t as bad as the trade was making it out to be. Actually, it is not the entire trade but a few loud-mouthed people in the industry who were going on and on about how the film had opened to disastrous houses. Probably, they were unaware of both, the first day’s collections and the total cost of Mausam.

The Mausam Economics (Mausam Movie Stills)

Mausam Economics


The cost of Mausam, as mentioned, is Rs. 42-45 crore without counting Shahid Kapoor’s remuneration for the film. Satellite rights have fetched around Rs. 12-13 crore and the music rights must have sold for around Rs. 5 crore. Thus, Pankaj Kapoor’s film requires at least Rs. 25-27 crore from Indian and overseas theatrical business to break even. As Mausam has raked in Rs. 22 crore (all-India net collection) over the first weekend, the weekend business (distributors share) is only Rs. 11 crore. Therefore, it may not cover cost. And the cost reportedly does not include Shahid’s remuneration as he charged nominal fee only. If we include that, loss will be bigger.

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