Box Office - Pushpa (Hindi) continues to dominate, has a superb Sunday
Pushpa Box Office Day 24 (Hindi): Movie Continues To Dominate As It Has A Superb Sunday ( Photo Credit – Movie Still )

Pushpa (Hindi) continued to hold its dominating position on Sunday as 3.48 crores*, more came in. At the single screens, the film is still bringing in numbers and that too in its fourth week. The trend is now turning out to be more and more like that of Baahubali (Hindi) though that film had to contend with competition from Bajrangi Bhaijaan. In case of Pushpa (Hindi), there is none.

In fact the original Telugu version of the film has already arrived on OTT and though it’s available with subtitles, the film Hindi version is still finding audiences theatrically. Time and again one also talks about digital piracy impacting a film and yet the Allu Arjun starrer is untouched. The footfalls are quite impressive too since the film is primarily collecting from single screens where ticket rates are less than half of multiplexes, so one can well do the maths.



This is the reason why even though the film has so far collected 80.48 crores, if one compares it with a core multiplex release then this one has actually enjoyed far bigger footfalls than a quintessential 100 Crore Club entertainer. Not to say that it won’t have a entity to its name as well since that possibility also definitely exists. The weekdays would have a much better hold than due to lack any competition and that would ensure around 7 crores more added to its total before the fourth week concludes.

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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