Box Office - Godzilla Vs Kong Has An Expected Drop On Tuesday, Overall First Week Is Quite Good
Godzilla vs Kong Box Office Day 7 (Photo Credit: IMDb)

As expected, Godzilla vs Kong saw a drop in numbers on Tuesday. There is no harm done though as the film had seen a mid-week release on Wednesday, and list that had scored quite well right till Sunday. Furthermore on Monday too (partial holiday of Holi) the film did well with 3.94 crores coming in and hence when Tuesday collections read 2.73 crores, it was not surprising at all.


After playing in theatres for 7 days, Godzilla vs Kong has collected 35.63 crores. These are the best numbers for a Bollywood or a Hollywood film since the advent of the pandemic, and there is more coming in. Though it would be touch and go with the 40 crores mark after the end of the extended first week, what with more collections set to come in today and tomorrow, the job has been done for the Hollywood biggie.


That said, Godzilla vs Kong of course had the potential to bring in more moolah. However, the good news is that in time to come, the makers of individual franchises with Godzilla and King Kong respectively can expect their next set of offerings to do well in India.

This is the first time ever when these characters have found such huge footfalls in the country, and that too in times of pandemic. With the audiences now established for them, films like Godzilla vs Kong should only get better from 2022 onwards.

*Estimates. Final numbers awaited

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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