Godzilla vs Kong Director Adam Wingard Talks On Warner Bros' Simultaneous Release Decision
Godzilla vs Kong Director Adam Wingard On Warner Bros(Pic Credit: Instagram/adamwingard, IMDb)

Godzilla vs Kong has turned out to be a treat for cinephiles who were eagerly waiting to experience something magical on the big screen. The film is offering more than expected and is minting huge collections at the box office. While the film released last week in several territories, in the United States, the magnum opus releases today. Speaking about the same, director Adam Wingard has touched the controversial decision of Warner Bros to release films in theatres and on HBO Max simultaneously.

Adam has directed films like You’re Next, The Guest, which are much smaller in scale when compared to the latest monster saga. As Godzilla vs Kong is Adam’s first biggie, he wanted it to be a big-screen experience and the decision of simultaneous release did hurt him initially.

In an interview with Deadline, Adam Wingard said, “If you’d asked me in December, it would have been a different answer. The day HBO Max surprised all of us, it was December 3, my birthday. Here I am, going out of town to celebrate, and I get a text from my agent, Dan Rabinow. Immediately incoming: the announcement that all WarnerMedia titles are going to HBO Max. I was like, ‘What the hell?’”

Adam Wingard added that he was happy that Christopher Nolan criticised Warner Bros’ decision.

“This was my first big movie, a big opportunity. More than that, this is a movie that is meant to be seen on the big screen. If any movie is that, it’s ‘Godzilla vs Kong.’ You want to fill up the size of the screen, this is the one to do it with. I was depressed, upset, sad. I couldn’t be mad at them given the circumstances, but I was happy when Christopher Nolan spoke up on behalf of the filmmakers. That meant a lot to me,” he said.

The Godzilla vs Kong maker concluded by saying that with time, he has understood the importance of decision as holding releases till everything gets normal isn’t good for cinema.

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