Godzilla vs Kong Box Office Day 2: Continues To Collect On Thursday Too
Godzilla vs Kong Box Office Day 2: Continues To Collect On Thursday Too (PC: Instagram)

Godzilla vs Kong has been enjoying a good time in theatres with numbers coming in on Thursday as well. This was the second day for the film and just like Wednesday, there wasn’t anything special by means of a holiday or a festival period.

The film has been finding audiences purely on the basis of merits and that means a good bountiful total is expected by the time the extended 6 day weekend is through on Monday (due to Holi).

Godzilla vs Kong brought in 5 crores* more on Thursday and the drop from Wednesday numbers of 6.40 crores is on the expected lines. After all, that was the first day when the curiosity to check out a biggie on the big screens was at its high and while the loyal audiences did have their dekko then, it would be neutral audiences coming into play now.

Today, the footfalls may turn out to be on the same levels as yesterday but collections are expected to rise again from tomorrow onwards. So far Godzilla vs Kong has collected 11.40 crores and it would be interesting to see how does the trending turn out to be from here on as it has been rather erratic in the pandemic era and hence one can’t be so sure about the audience behaviour anymore, which is fluctuating on a day by day basis.

*Estimates. Final numbers awaited

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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