Inder Kumar's Adult Comedy 'Masti' Had A Different Title Initially & It Sounds More Hilarious - [Fact-O-Meter]
Inder Kumar’s Adult Comedy ‘Masti’ Had A Different Title Initially & It Sounds More Hilarious – [Fact-O-Meter]

Inder Kumar’s hopes of rolling the fourth instalment of Masti franchise might have died after the failure of Great Grand Masti. After the unexpectedly huge success of Grand Masti, the expectations from the third part were really high, but the content fell flat.

Coming back to the first part, in 2004, Kumar tried his hands at adult comedy and it did wonders at the box office. Featuring Vivek Oberoi, Riteish Deshmukh, Aftab Shivdasani, Lara Dutta and Ajay Devgn, the film opened floodgates to several adult comedies in Bollywood.

In today’s piece of Fact-O-Meter, we’ll be taking a looking at an interesting fact of one of its kind of film, Masti.

As we all know, due to its adult jokes, Masti is highly popular with its target audience. But what if we say that the film had a different title initially? Yes, that’s right! Initially the Inder Kumar directorial was titled as Khujli and not Masti, as per IMDb trivia. And we think it would have sounded more crazy and funny!

What are your thoughts on the film’s initial title?

Meanwhile, speaking on how Masti and Dhamaal happened, Inder Kumar had said, “After four hits in a row in the ‘90s, and two flops later, I knew that the traditional way of filmmaking had to change, so I made “Masti.” Then I made “Dhamaal.” I then tried a sex comedy with “Great Grand Masti,’ which worked big time,” reports Indiawest.

When asked, why comedy actors are still looked down upon, Kumar had replied, “Why actors, even comedy directors are looked down upon. “Oh! You direct comedies!” say people dismissively. But comedy has no backing, and you have to break the guard of the viewer and bring him into your fold. You are naked, and often there is no music either to back you, unlike in a tragic scene in which someone is lying dead, and a violin is playing in the background with someone crying on screen!

An actor too is backed by a story in a serious film, whereas in a comedy, of necessity there is no story, only a wafer-thin plot. Isn’t that a bigger challenge? I would have looked much younger now if I had been making only serious films!.”

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