When Sanjay Dutt Revealed He Was A King In His Past Life
Sanjay Dutt Once Revealed Why He Went Through A Lot Of Trouble Due To His Past Life(Pic Credit: Instagram/duttsanjay)

Ever since Sanjay Dutt set his foot in the entertainment industry he has remained a part of a number of controversies. From relationship problems to his association with the underworld, but seems like even his past life wasn’t so simple. While appearing in Koffee with Karan, the actor spoke about the same and revealed some interesting details about it.

Son of actors Sunil Dutt and Nargis, the actor made his acting debut in Rocky, while the 1986 action thriller Naam turned his life as he was offered some great films.

Meanwhile, Sanjay Dutt graced the sets of Koffee With Karan along with Sushmita Sen, during one of the segments, host Karan Johar asked the Munna Bhai MBBS actor about his past life regression. To this, Dutt spoke about a place called Shivnari, which is two hours away from Madras. The place was recommended to the actor by his friend who lives in Gangawati.

Talking about visiting the place, Sanjay Dutt told, “It is a small village and over there you give your thumb impression and they find your leaf. They found my leaf and they said your dad’s name is Balraj Dutt and I said ‘no it is Sunil Dutt’. And then they said your mother’s name has to be Fatima Hussain and who knows that?”

Although the actor denied this, but the priest insisted that it was the truth. Further, the actor said that the priest found his leaf and he told him about his past and claimed Dutt was a king in his past life.

Sanjay Dutt shared, “I was a king in the Ashoka dynasty. My wife had an affair with my minister and she sent me away to war to get killed. But I killed a lot of people and I came back and I found out and I killed her, I killed him as well. I was a Shiv bhakt so I went into the forest and starved myself to death.”

As per the Vaastav star, due to his past life, the actor was born into such a family and he went through a lot of trouble because he killed so many people in his previous life.

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