Salman Khan In This TB Video Hugs Sangeeta Bijlani Planting A Long Kiss & Pushes His Bodyguard Shera To Open The Car Door For Her, Netizens React
Salman Khan In A TB Video Rudely Brushes His Bodyguard To Escort Sangeeta Bijali To Her Car, Netizens React (Picture Credit: Instagram)

Salman Khan and Sangeeta Bijlani names have gone together for a long time. And if all had gone well, the two of them would have been a married couple, a decision they made in 1994 before breaking up for reasons best known to them. However, later Khan, in many of his interviews, confessed that he was caught cheating. But he did not take any names, so none can confirm the same.

The actors had a fallout after their breakup and Sangeeta moved on with Mohammad Azharuddin while Salman started dating other women. They rekindled their lost friendship after Bijlani divorced Azhar and was going through a very rough time. It was reported that Salman asked his sisters to be by Sangeeta’s side.

Since then, Salman Khan and Sangeeta Bijlani have been going strong together as friends, of course. However, their fans, in some parallel universe, still want them to get married. Now we caught hold of a throwback video from a party where the Tiger actor can be seen escorting Sangeeta to her car.

In the video, shared in a Reddit community BollyBlindsNGossip the Bharat actor can be seen sharing a long, elaborate, elongated hug before planting a goodbye kiss on Sangeeta Bijlani’s forehead. As she heads towards her car, with Salman’s bodyguard, Shera moving forward to open the car’s door for her, something unexpected happens.

In the video, Salman Khan can be seen brushing/pushing Shera to grab the car door for Sangeeta Bijlani. The internet had mixed reactions to this video. While some wanted to ignore Salman’s rude behaviour considering he might be drunk, others were too busy manifesting Salman and Sangeeta together.

A Redditor wrote, “They look drunk as hell!” Another comment read, “I’ve never seen him behave like that with any woman!” However, a comment called him out saying, “He is drunk and hence less guarded! All these yesteryear actors have gotten away with such bad behaviour.”

Some applauded Shera for being calm. A comment read, “Shera ke bete ko launch kar raha. Shera ki security agency bhi bhai ki daya hai.” One more user wrote, “Respect for Shera. To have a smile after your boss’ rude behaviour takes calmness.” Some users could not believe Sangeeta Bijlani’s age. A user wrote, “Sangeeta bijlani is 62 year old ,f*ck man .How is she looking this young ,she can give current gen actress run for the money .Damn” While another user wrote, “Sabka Badla lega Shera” hinting that he knows all the secrets of the superstar.

Most of the users blamed Salman Khan’s behaviour on alcohol. A Redditor wrote, “Zara mat socho. Yeh sab coca cola ka asar hai.” Another comment read, “I think it’s fine – Shera is his shadow and they have a special bond together; these things happen. He was probably drunk and a bit out of it – also apparent from those long forehead kisses on Sangeeta.” One user trolled them and wrote, “When you rekindle f**king after 30 years” Another troll said, “How passionately Sallu has hugged Sangeeta. This shows- Aag abhi bhi dono taraf barabar lagi hai.”

You can see the video shared on Reddit here.

Salman Khan loses cool on Shera for opening the wrong car door for Sangeeta Bijlani
by u/thetrollslayer1508 in BollyBlindsNGossip

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