Shahrukh Khan and Ajay Devgn were originally cast for Karan Arjun but Ajay was ditched by SRK for Salman Khan.
Not Salman Khan but Shahrukh Khan and Ajay Devgn were originally cast for Karan Arjun. ( Photo Credit – Facebook ; Movie Still )

Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan have been grabbing all the attention this year for the best of reasons. Firstly it was Bhaijaan’s cameo for King Khan’s Pathaan and now they have pulled a stunner with their Spy Universe film Tiger Vs Pathaan. Reports state that Yash Raj Films’ head Aditya Chopra has assigned Sidharth Anand to bear this huge responsibility.

If reports are to be believed, Tiger Vs Pathaan will go on floors by 2024 and hit the theatres in 2025. It will be after 30 years that SRK and Salman will play parallel leads after their first film together. More interestingly, both the actors will turn 60 years in the year 2025, sharing 30 years of friendship as well.

It was in the year 1995 when Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan united for the first time on screen for Karan and Arjun and the rest is history. But this let us turn the pages to know how SRK left Ajay Devgn high and dry and grabbed this opportunity only because Salman came on board.

So here goes the tale. Director Rakesh Roshan approached Ajay Devgn and SRK for the roles of Karan and Arjun. Ajay was offered to play Karan and King Khan was Arjun. But they wanted to play the other role. Both the actors sat down with Rakesh Roshan where SRK asked for Karan’s role and Ajay expressed to play Arjun.

Rakesh Roshan tried to reason with them but both were adamant and decided to quit the film together. Rakesh Roshan then went to another iconic pair to star in the film – Salman Khan and Aamir Khan. Salman came on board immediately. While Aamir was eager to do the film, he was short of dates.

As soon as SRK got the news of Salman coming on board and Aamir’s interest in the film, he apologised to Rakesh Roshan and signed the dotted line keeping Ajay Devgn out of the loop. However, SRK was not at all convinced with the script but took a leap of faith considering his two biggest rivals were so keen on the script.

Later, when Ajay Devgn came to know about Shah Rukh signing Karan Arjun he was shocked. His father, Veeru Devgn, who was the film’s action director, walked out after his son felt cheated. For years this was the reason for the supposed cold war between the Bholaa actor and the Pathaan actor.

However as they say ‘jo hota hai accha hota hai’. Can you imagine anyone else ‘bromancing’ on screens like Shah Rukh and Salman do? Unka bandhan hi pyaar ka bandhan hai! And this is the only reason their reuniting for Tiger Vs Pathaan has shot the excitement level. How excited are you, share in the comments below.

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