When Nana Patekar Questioned Sanjay Dutt's Being Dealt Lightly After His Brother Was Killed In The Bombay Bomb Blast Case & Decided To Punish Him From His Side
When Nana Patekar Called Out Sanjay Dutt Being Treated Lightly In The Bombay Blast Case Where His Brother Was Killed(Photo Credit: Youtube)

Bombay Bomb Blasts of 1993 is a black day in the history of Mumbai and of Sanjay Dutt! But do you know that the bomb blasts even changed Nana Patekar’s life forever? The actor’s brother was killed in the blasts as he was travelling on the BEST bus where one of the bombs was placed.

Patekar’s wife also had to catch the bus but missed it and was saved hence! After that, the actor blasted Sanjay Dutt after his involvement in the case was out in the open. In an interview, Patekar called him out for his horrible crime and testified he was a criminal even before the facts were out in the open.

In an interview with a Marathi Channel, Nana Patekar once talked about Sanjay Dutt’s involvement in the case and said, “The nature of his crime is horrible. Why should justice be meted out differently for him?” Scroll down more to read how the Ab Tak Chhappan actor shared his trauma of losing his brother.

The actor further called out the law for treating Dutt differently. He said, “The law is different for a poor man and different for me, just because I am an actor? Why should that be? You will watch his films and make him a hero. Things don’t work like that.”

Nana Patekar further vowed that he won’t work with Sanjay Dutt ever talking to ABP Majha. He said, “I have not worked with him all through my career. I will not work with him in the future too. I felt bad about what happened in 1993. I’m not saying Dutt is responsible… but even if he is in a small way, I don’t want to work with him.”

He also claimed that this was his closure for the Bombay Blasts and said, “This isn’t personal; I’m not saying this because my brother was a victim. It’s got nothing to do with Hindu and Muslim also, I’m doing it for everybody who got killed that day. That is the punishment I can give him from my side.”

Sanjay Dutt faced a long trial in the Bombay Bomb Blast case. Rajkumar Hirani’s film Sanju gives details of what went through and presents the actor’s side of the story. The horrific incident has also been the premise for Anurag Kashyap’s film Black Friday.

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