Sanjeev Kumar’s Proposal To Hema Malini Made Dharmendra Furious On The Sets Of Sholay
When Sanjeev Kumar Proposed To Hema Malini Despite Her Dating Dharmendra During Sholay(Pic Credit: IMDb, wikipedia)

Sholay holds a special place in all the Bollywood lovers hearts. The movie, which released in 1975, can still have the entire theatre filled up if re-released today. The film starred Hema Malini, Dharmendra, Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bachchan, Amjad Khan and Sanjeev Kumar. But did you notice that there wasn’t a single scene of Thakur and Basanti together? The reason was one proposal that turned their relationship sour.

Sanjeev had proposed to Hema for marriage before the film’s shooting, and the actress had refused the proposal. Keep scrolling further to know this entire story.

As per sources, in the early 1970s, Sanjeev Kumar had asked for Hema Malini’s hand for marriage from her parents. But the Dream Girl’s mother wanted her daughter to marry someone from the same cast and had already finalised a groom for her.

Initially, Hema Malini had no issues with this marriage, but later, because of her mother’s firmness, she was convinced to not marry the actor. It was because of this episode that the relationship between the two actors turned sour.

Well, Sanjeev decided not to give up even after this episode. On the sets of Sholay, he once again went straight to Hema and proposed to her. This time, the Dream Girl was already dating Dharmendra, who got really furious.

Dharmendra was a very big star at that time. The veteran actor was so miffed by this gesture of Sanjeev Kumar that he went and directly told director Ramesh Sippy to not shoot a single scene of Sanjeev and Hema Malini together. Since Dharmendra was a huge star and an important character in the film, the director couldn’t say no to him and had agreed to his decision.

There were rumours that this rejection tore Sanjeev Kumar completely, and he never recovered from this pain.

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