When Dharmendra Slapped Subhash Ghai For Haunting Hema Malini To Wear A Bikini & Telling Her She Plays A Prostitute In The Film, Here's What Happened Next
Hema Malini Was Once Repeatedly Asked To Wear A Bikini By Subhash Ghai For Their Film & She Almost Surrendered Till Dharmendra Slapped Ghai ( Photo Credit – Instagram; IMDb )

Bollywood and the dark gossip of the pre-90s era could make anyone’s eye pop open. There were flings, extramarital affairs, hidden pregnancies, replacements, frauds, rejections, proposals, catfights, and slaps! Yes, you read that right. Slaps! And one such brawl involves Dharmendra, his second wife Hema Malini, and filmmaker Subhash Ghai. And the incident we are going to narrate in this throwback dates back to 1981.

In 1981, the Sholay duo Dharam Ji and Hema Ji starred in Subhash Ghai’s film Krodhi which was being produced by Ranjit Virk, a very close friend of the Deol family. It was like a home production for Dharam Ji who was miffed by Ghai for replacing his cousin Narendra by Rama Rao in the film.

But things went out of hand when Subhash Ghai started insisting Hema Malini wear a bikini for a pool scene in the film. The Baghban actress got angry and rejected the idea outright. Later, she was explained by Ghai that she plays a prostitute in the film and needs to make her character seem like one. Dharmendra was not aware of any such insistence of Ghai.

Later, Hema Malini reluctantly surrendered to Subhash Ghai’s demands and offered to wear a revealing outfit but not a bikini. Producer Ranjit Virk was sure that if this news reached the Guddi actor, all hell would break loose. He requested the actress not to share this with her man, but the news reached him nonetheless.

Later, many reports and even IMDb trivia suggests that Dharmendra slapped Subhash Ghai and attacked him physically till the unit and crew members interfered and helped the director escape Dharam’s fury. The situation went so out of hand that Subhash Ghai later edited the whole sequence out of the film and he was even warned by Dharmendra of something, none knows till date!

Some reports also suggest that the Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani actor was already furious with Subhash Ghai, who used to make him do retakes for his scene where he mouthed English dialogues. This was said to be revenge for Dharam ji, turning up late on sets and spending more time with Hema Malini than on sets.

As we told you earlier, the gossip age of Bollywood, and all the reported rumours, refuse to die to date. However, none verified this reported incident, and we do not intend to do the same. These are all just mere gossips which are true or not; only these stars can tell in some part of their lives.

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