When Bobby Deol Supported His Father-In-Law's Affair & The 76-Year-Old's 'Will' Made A Shocking Revelation On His Funeral
Bobby Deol Shared A Strong Relationship With His Father-In-Law ( Photo Credit – Eros Now / Facebook )

Bollywood and its age-old tales and anecdotes are places of surprises and shocks at the same time. While scrolling through the internet, we got hold of another story that definitely would have grabbed all the eyeballs and headlines when it must have happened, as it involved Animal actor Bobby Deol.

The story involves Bobby, his wife, Tanya Ahuja, her father, Devinder Ahuja, and his son Vikram Ahuja. Tanya’s dad fell in love with an air hostess in 1995. While Devinder was married and his affair caused turmoil in the family, the son and the daughter were at loggerheads with whom to support.

While Vikram Ahuja stood strong with his mother, Tanya Deol, along with husband Bobby Deol, supported Devinder Ahuja’s personal decision and respected it. This caused a feud in the family, and Devinder Ahuja inclined towards his son-in-law and daughter over his son.

Bobby Deol was dragged to the court by Tanya Deol‘s brother, who accused Bobby of influencing his father-in-law and transferring shares to his name, using Devinder Ahuja’s money to save his sinking career. A long legal battle followed.

What happened next was something no one imagined. Devinder Ahuja died in 2010, and his final rites were postponed till Bobby Deol flew down from Toronto. But not for the final respects. It was more than that. Devinder Ahuja’s close friend took care of the last rites and revealed that Tanya Deol’s dad, in his will, has mentioned that his son should not be given the right to perform his final rites. Bobby Deol was expected to perform the final rites.

Bobby Deol’s brother-in-law could not believe he was ripped of his birthright. He later accused his sister, Tanya Deol, of manipulating their father to make such decisions.

Times Of India, in a very old post, mentioned how Devinder Ahuja’s friend mentioned what happened before and during the funeral. The tabloid mentioned, “Mr. Ahuja’s close friend, Ravi Kiran Agarwal (Chairman, Orbit Communications), had taken complete charge of the funeral arrangements. Tania was constantly by his side. Vikram even hugged her, and the two broke down, but that did not change the decision. Dev was told by one of his uncles that Agarwal and Tania did not want him to perform the last rites of his father. This goes completely against the Hindu tradition.”

Devinder Ahuja’s property was worth 300 crore, and no one knew who inherited the amount. However, it was rumored that Bobby claimed it. However, much later, in an interview with the Huffington Post, he denied all such rumors and called them baseless.

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