Did You know? Bobby Deol Became The Sole Owner Of His Father-in-Law's Legacy, His Last Rights & Rs 300-Crore Property Rights
Here’s How Bobby Deol Became The Sole Owner Of His Father-in-Law’s Legacy, His Last Rights & Rs 300-Crore Property Rights(Pic Credit: Instagram)

Bollywood actor Bobby Deol is well known for his appearance in films like Soldier, Yamla Pagla Deewana, Ajnabee, Humraaz and many more. He is one of the versatile actors in the film industry. But today, we will unearth how he became the favourite of his father in law.

Back in 1996, Bollywood actor‘s father in law, Dev Ahuja who is the promoter of Centurion Bank and MD of 20th Century Finance company, had a fallout with his son Vikram. The latter moved out of the house and moved in with his girlfriend.

As per the Times of India report, both Vikram and Dev Ahuja engaged in a flurry of complaints and counter-complaints over 14 long years. The former accused his 74-year-old father of being biased towards his sister Tania and brother-in-law Bobby Deol. He also accused his sister and the Bollywood actor of influencing his father to turn against him.

Ahuja then removed Vikram from his home, business and life. The family feud took an unexpected turn when Dev Ahuja passed away. Instead of Vikram, the Ashram actor was asked to step in and perform the last rights. The publication also quoted Vikram’s friend, who had access to all the developments, and elaborated on the family feud.

He said, “Mr Ahuja’s close friend, Ravi Kiran Agarwal (Chairman, Orbit Communications) had taken complete charge of the funeral arrangements. Tania was constantly by his side. Vikram even hugged her and the two broke down, but that did not change the decision. Dev was told by one of his uncles that Agarwal and Tania did not want him to perform the last rites of his father. This goes completely against the Hindu tradition.”

Vikram was unaware of his father’s death. He reportedly came to know about his father’s demise 45 minutes after the incident. “Vikram was not told about his father’s cardiac arrest on August 20. And when he rushed to the hospital all formalities had been completed and the body was being taken to the morgue, where it was kept till yesterday morning for Bobby Deol to return from his film shoot in Toronto,” his friend said.

Vikram was repeatedly greeted by armed guards and cops whenever he tried to visit his father Dev Ahuja’s apartment. Even at the Chandanwadi crematorium, he met with the same fate. He also spoke about it with the publication. “I am devastated. I was told by one of my uncles that it was on Agarwal and my sister Tania’s insistence that I was not allowed to perform my father’s last rites. We may have had professional differences, but never personal. He was my father and I loved him dearly.”

Ravi Kiran Agarwal, on the other hand, said “Who am I to decide whether Vikram should be allowed to perform the last rites of my friend Dev? Dev will clearly read that Vikram should not touch his body when he is no more. Vikram is responsible for his father’s death. He tortured him mentally.”

It is also worth pointing out that the 14-year long conflict had a Rs 300-crore property with several claimants, which include Dev Ahuja’s son Vikram, his daughter Tania and son in law Bobby Deol, his other daughter Munisha, his estranged wife Marlene and his mistress, who is 20 years his junior.

While who owns the property now is not known but Dev will most likely be inclined towards Tania and Bobby Deol.

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