Did You Know? Abhay Deol Once Made An Explosive Statement: "It's Normal To Worship Pe*is In Our Country, Then Why Is S*x Demonised So Often?"
When Abhay Deol Slammed Mumbai Police For Conducting Raid At Madh Island ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Very few actors in Bollywood speak their mind without thinking twice and Abhay Deol is one of them. The actor had made several bold statements in the past. He once also slammed Shah Rukh Khan for endorsing fairness cream products and thereby encouraging racism.

Back in 2015, a news report claimed that cops raided some hotel rooms and rounded up some couples. The report irked many on social media and slammed Mumbai Police for their actions. The Dev.D actor also called out Mumbai Police for their moral policing.

Abhay Deol took Facebook and wrote, “I was brought up by the same values as any other from my country, which may come as a surprise to those who think people born into the film industry are brought up with a different set of values (usually loose and privileged). So I get it. The taboo that comes with the topic of s*x in my society. But booking young kids for a crime they didn’t commit, physically and mentally abusing them publicly? To me, it looks more like it was the police that was guilty of ‘public indecency'”

Abhay Deol then also elaborated on the topic during a conversation with Pune Mirror. He said, “Making us feel ashamed of ourselves through s*x is the oldest and easiest trick in the book. People all over the world have been doing it for generations. In fact, it’s gone from being a trick to becoming a culture by itself. It was introduced through the Hindu religion at one time, and the only way for many to enforce it today is through laws.”

“Ironically, many of the more puritanical views on s*x aren’t even a part of our Vedic texts. Our history shows we had a scientific way of living and if you want to speak specifically about s*x, then that too was looked upon as being natural,” Abhay added.

Abhay Deol then continued, “It’s no coincidence that our mythology is peppered with details of the sex lives of our gods. It’s normal to worship the penis in our country. So then, why is s*x demonised so often? The answers lie in our culture… in the day-to-day lives of people in our country. Indulgence of any sort is harmful – ironically, it comes exactly for that very thing which we are trying to sweep under the rug.”

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