When Aamir Khan Said, “There Are Certain Muslims In India Who Have Their Loyalties Towards Pakistan… Sarfarosh Tells That Section Of Hindus…”( Photo Credit – NDTV / YouTube; Instagram )

When Aamir Khan speaks, you listen! He’s rightfully one of the smartest celebrities in the Indian film industry who shut his mouth after facing backlash for speaking his heart out on certain occasions. He got plagued by a dangerous disorder that has targeted almost every other celeb in the current film industry’s scenario – Bollywood PR.

If you’ve grown up watching Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, and Sanjay Dutt speaking with zero f*cks given about the social media validation, you won’t be able to sit through the ‘PR-machinery’ interviews of today, which has made celebs the robots who speak only what sounds nice on the internet.

You just can’t mess up with anything, and if you do, your trial will be done by the media first and foremost before anyone else. During his 1999 release, Sarfarosh, AK, spoke about things that could have him canceled in the current scenario.

In his interview with NDTV, the interviewer asked Aamir, “At any point were you skeptical about sarfarosh creating any controversy? Did you feel that people wouldn’t accept it? Was there a real fear?”

Talke about the ‘proxy war’ played by Pakistan through ISI

To which Aamir Khan replied, “No, that was never a fear because I genuinely felt Sarfarosh is a film dealing with very sensitive issues. However, the script & the film have a very positive attitude. It doesn’t fire you up or charge you up negatively; rather, it brings a positive feeling within you. As you complete viewing the film, you’ll feel positive about it. It talks about ISI & the proxy war Pakistan is playing through the ISI. Sarfarosh doesn’t indulge in name-calling. It doesn’t say that all Pakistanis are bad because that’s a ridiculous statement. You’ve human beings worldwide; some are good, and some are bad. Some people have their reasons for doing something that isn’t right, which could be quite unreasonable. It doesn’t indulge in name-calling on a general level.”

One Shouldn’t Look At All The Muslims With Distrust! 

Aamir Khan continued, “What it does say is that violence and terrorism are bad; anybody indulging in that isn’t doing the right thing. Now, when there’s an attempt through the ISI to create violence over here, it also generates a feeling of distrust towards the Muslims living in the country, which is quite understandable because it’s human nature. The film tries to take a positive attitude towards that and tells all of us Indians that one shouldn’t look at all Muslims with distrust.”

He continues, “All Muslims do not feel disloyal to India as their country. There are certain sections of Muslims living in the country, I believe, who do have their loyalties towards Pakistan. Sarfarosh tries to tell them that this doesn’t seem right and they shouldn’t do that. So, it tells that section of Muslims, which I believe is a minority, who do have their loyalties towards Pakistan, that it’s not the right thing to do. It tells that section of Hindus, which again I believe is a minority which looks upon all Muslims with distrust.”

This surely would’ve stirred too many controversies for Aamir Khan today!

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