Taylor Swift As Left Arm Spinner Bowls Netizens Out: "She Copied Kuldeep Yadav"
Taylor Swift Copied Kuldeep Yadav’s Bowling Action On ‘Eras Tour’ & We Have Proof! ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

If Taylor Swift were a cricketer, she would have been a lethal left-arm spinner. Many of us thought Miss Swift would be practicing those kicks with NFL star and boyfriend Travis Kelce, but it turned out she had been gripped by cricket fever all along. Hehe, not really!

Well, Tay may or may not be a cricket fan, but the internet has us all believing the songstress would be giving Indian spinner Kuldeep Yadav a neck-to-neck competition if she were to take cricket as a career option. If you are wondering what exactly we are talking about, we suggest you scroll ahead.

It all began after a candid picture of Taylor Swift from her Eras Tour went viral. In the widely circulated picture, the ‘Willow’ singer’s hand gesture looked more like a left-arm spin bowling motion, something you’d see on a cricket pitch instead of a concert. Swift’s oddball photo has now captured netizens’, particularly cricket lovers’ (pun intended), with fans recognizing her potential as a deadly left-arm wrist spinner.

An internet user who went by @simonbriggs was the first to take note of Taylor’s hand gesture’s resemblance to that of a bowler, as he wrote, “Does this picture make it look as if Taylor Swift is about to unleash a lethal left-arm wrist spinner? Or do I just have a one-track mind?”

This hilarious observation soon sparked a meme fest, with cricket fans comparing the American singer to bowling legends.

One witty internet user called her “Taylor Swing.”

A second netizen posted a collage of Taylor Swift and Kuldeep Yadav, and if corporate asked you to find the difference between the hand gestures of these two people, you would go blank.

Another user went on to compare her to Australian bowler Shane Warne, and at this point, we don’t even know who copied who.

Being the perfection she is, she would send the entire team back to the pavilion in the first 10 balls with an economy rate of zero, which was rightly pointed out by a user who wrote, “The way she’s going at the moment, she’d probably take 10/0 off 1.4 overs.”

Another user quipped, “I love how she manages to hide the seam from the batter’s view in front of that dark sight screen. Bowling Swifty.”

“Nope, you are not the only one. She copied Kuldeep Yadav right there,” added an internet user.

Is there anything that Miss Americana can’t do? We bet not!

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