Tanushree Dutta Is Speechless By Sajid Khan's Inclusion In Bigg Boss 16, Reveals Getting Offered 25 Crore
Tanushree Dutta Is Speechless By Sajid Khan’s Inclusion In Bigg Boss 16 ( Photo Credit – Instagram ; Wikipedia )

Sajid Khan’s entry into Salman Khan’s reality show Bigg Boss 16 has created an uproar on social media. So much so that DCW has even included the makers seeking the filmmaker’s removal from the show. Sajid has been accused of se*ual misconduct by not one by six women. Now his inclusion on one of the biggest shows has caused a controversy that everyone’s talking about. The latest actress to talk about the same is now Tanushree Dutta.

The actress was the flag bearer of the #MeToo movement in India which gave many women hope to call out the predators for this inappropriate behaviour.

Now in her latest interview, Tanushree Datta has reacted to Sajid Khan’s entry in Bigg Boss 16 and said that she hasn’t watched the controversial reality show but even she won’t after his entry. In the same interview, she also revealed being offered 25 crore for her biopic. Speaking to ETimes, Tanushree Datta said, “I am appalled too. I am speechless at the sheer irresponsibility of this action and the impact it would have on the public. I don’t watch Bigg Boss and I think I ever will after this.”

Further speaking about her biopic, Tanushree Datta said, “I almost agreed to this biopic, but I had 3 conditions. One, legal indemnity from any claims arising out of the project. Two, creative control and overview. Three, since I’m still very young and will do so much more going forward, I wanted to time bound it to 7 years and not a lifetime exclusivity. And I wanted to keep the book rights and biography rights to myself. They weren’t agreeing to the three conditions and kept offering me higher and higher amounts up to 25 crores and percentage profit upto 50% for full life rights.”

“I had no option but to refuse. I didn’t want to rush into something I’d regret later. I had similar offers coming to me since 2018. All this has happened. I did not speak about it. There was no point if my core conditions were not met and I’m would not go ahead with it,” Tanushree Dutta added further.

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