Somy Ali Indirectly Hinting At Ex-Boyfriend Salman Khan As She Calls Out Her 'Superstar Abuser' In Another Cryptic Post
Somy Ali Indirectly Hints At Ex-Boyfriend Salman Khan As She Calls Out Her ‘Superstar Abuser'(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Somy Ali, who has always been known as one of the women Salman Khan dated, is back with another story about what happened to her in the past when she was in Bollywood. Somy Ali did a few projects and then quit the industry to settle abroad. She has been active on social media for the past few years and has been making cryptic posts ever since regarding what she had to face during her struggling days.

She revealed how she was abused by a huge star who can make or break careers. This was one of the main reasons why none of her friends stood by her side when she faced the alleged abuse. However, Somy does not mention who the star was.

After her outpour, Somy Ali has consciously chosen a few hashtags, which include Salman Khan, Subhash Ghai, and Harvey Weinstein. She has even hashtagged her post as My Truth, I will not stop telling my truth; truth always comes out. However, this is not the first time she has shared her angst. The former actress and model has multiple times done so, and she reveals she has been asked to take down her posts.

Somy’s post read, “I will be told to take down posts. I will be questioned about my sanity. I will be gossiped about having a drinking problem (the irony) yet i will go on because you have not gone through all that humiliation, & every form of torture and abuse while no one sided with you because your abuser’s a huge star and you are friends with him. He can make or break your career. You believed your friends and assumed would take a stand for you and knew everything because you literally told them and they witnessed it many a times.”

Her post further said, “Might I add a very good human being stated that this abuser is a very “pyara insaan” remember I. am quoting an actor whom I have the utmost respect for, but I also know why he’s in a bind. Point in case here, you will never shut me up and this too will have an ending, a horror movie with a vey happy ending. And before you troll pitiful souls start shooting your profanities my way, just no that I do not read them and don’t have time for it. You did not have lo live my life. You were not behind those closed doors and you have the audacity to claim to know my life, my incidents and all that I endured. What I experienced, be it good or bad, you don’t know it.”

Somy Ali further called out her trolls who attacked her for speaking her truth now after so many years and said, “You are merely speculating and being cruel to a human being who has done nothing to you. Give this some thought please, not just for me, but to many other individuals being bullied online. Let’s put an end to this please. It has to stop. #believe #freedomofspeech #mytruth #salmankhan #somyali #iwillnotstoprltellingmytruth #harveyweinstein #cosby #subhahghai #jiahkhan #cowardiceorcourage #donygiveuponyourdreams #truthalwayscomesout #somyali”

Somy shared a series of pictures with the post and her friends and some social media users have even offered support in her comments section. You can see her post here.


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