Shah Rukh Khan & Farhan Akhtar Talking Aout Don 3 As Ranveer Singh Replaced Him
Shah Rukh Khan Taunting Farhan Akhtar Over Casting Ranveer Singh In Don 3 In This Dub Video Is Hilarious ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

The upcoming Don movie has got everyone talking about it in Bollywood. As it was rumoured that Shah Rukh Khan would no longer be a part of the project, and Ranveer Singh is in talks to play the role, no official information has been revealed. However, fans on social media have been pretty vocal as they have been waiting for SRK to return as Don, and this update about the movie has shocked everyone.

Following the rumours that went viral on the internet, many users criticised the producer Farhan Akhtar for making a choice like this. While nothing has been confirmed, it was also rumoured that the producer himself might play a role in the upcoming Don 3 movie as it would be a reboot of the previous movie.

Among many reactions on the internet about the Don 3 movie, a fan dub video shows a scene from Luck By Chance. The video is dubbed with the character of Shah Rukh Khan and Farhan Akhtar as they meet after a long time. In the dubbed video, SRK is seen taunting Farhan about he has cast Ranveer Singh, to which Frahan responds, “Wo thoda Javan hai,”. SRK replied back saying, “meri agli picture bhi Javan hai”


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The video posted by Voice Over Artist Prashant Narula is in collaboration with another creator, Aditya Shetty, who has an Instagram page by the name of Baadshahig. Later, the video shows Farhan and SRK discussing their marriage. In the scene of Luck By Chance, Farhan’s friends stand aside as they ask for a photo with Shah Rukh Khan. In the dubbed video, Farhan calls them the producer of the Don 3 movie as they ask for a photo with him.

The Pathaan actor flauntingly says, “Bollywood me sirf ek hi Don hai aur wo mai hu, you know. Par tumhe Javan log chahiye”. As Farhan explains to SRK further about the same, SRK jokingly says, “chal Jhuthe”.

With all that, do you think the upcoming Don 3 movie would not have Shah Rukh Khan playing the lead? If not SRK, who do you think should play the role? Let us know and for more updates, stay tuned to

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