When Shah Rukh Khan Made Poor Kashmiri Girl Famous!
When Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Groupfie’ Made Poor Kashmiri Girl Famous In A Short Span Of Time! (Photo Credit: wikimedia)

Shah Rukh Khan is the biggest superstar India has ever produced. He enjoys a massive fan following not just in the country but throughout the world. Fans adore him and would kill to take a picture with him. However, one selfie with him made a girl popular.

It all happened back in 2017 when SRK was on a promotional event in Pune to promote his film Raees. He visited Symbiosis Institute of Design in the city, as usual, he was surrounded by crazy fans from the institute which was all young and enthusiastic.



Shah Rukh Khan took a ‘groupfie’ with these energetic people and shared it on his social media handle. Shortly after the picture went viral but for a unique reason. Eagle-eyed netizens noticed one of the girls in the front row who got captured in the groupfie. The girl in the olive green looked pretty enough to garner the attention of the netizens. Much to everyone’s surprise, SRK too reacted to the picture.

Netizens were all curious as to who this mysterious girl was. The picture was inundated with reactions like “That jungle green t-shirt grl looks like a model,” “That girl in olive green color tee can’t stop watching you men” and so on. The girl was later identified as Saima Hussain Mir, who began receiving unwanted attention from all the men on social media, deleted her Facebook account but not before taking a dig at them.

Saima Hussain Mir shared a picture of a sketch on Facebook, saying, “I’m more than just a “pretty face”.” However, that did not stop netizens to know about Shah Rukh Khan’s reaction to her pic. So during an #AskSRK session on Twitter, King Khan addressed the question posed to him by a fan.

A fan had asked, “#KingKhan Does Shahrukh Khan selfie ‘mystery girl’ look like an Indian Kristen Stewart?, the Superstar simply replied, “So pretty she is”! Take a look at the tweet below:

So what do you think about this poor girl who has become incidentally famous because of him? Let us know in the comments.

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