Shah Rukh Khan Fans, Aryan Khan Debuting As A Director Of His Own Biopic...
Shah Rukh Khan Fans, Aryan Khan Debuting As A Director Of His Own Biopic… ( Photo Credit – Instagram ; Wikipedia )

Now, that the buzz around Aryan Khan has settled down and not many are talking about the controversy that blasted back in October 2021, how about we transport back to reel drama from the real drama? Shah Rukh Khan’s son has got a clean chit, things are getting back to normal as the actor looks forward to his grand-scale comeback on the big screen with YRF’s Pathaan.

Aryan Khan before making his debut as an actor is touted to flex his writing/directing skills or at least that’s what the rumours have to say. But, let’s assume he debuts as a director in a web show, there could be a subject which might create a history of a sort.

Okay, about touching the heights of imagination, keeping the ‘N-word debate aside for a minute and also remembering they have worked once before (The Lion King), how about Shah Rukh Khan making an appearance in Aryan’s debut web series?

If you thought, we’d stop our imagination powers here, you’re so wrong! Remember we talked about ‘history… of a sort’? That would be possible if the subject of the web show that Aryan Khan is directing is inspired by his own life.

Yeah! This is the peak where we ask you to imagine “A star kid making his debut directing his own biopic, which might or might not include his superstar dad.” Even if you are or aren’t a Shah Rukh Khan fan, don’t you think this could be a brilliant idea for someone like Shah Rukh Khan’s son to make his debut?

Yes, there would be roadblocks thinking about how much one can reveal about what really happened at the cruise that night. But, won’t this makeup for a good thrilling web-show at the same time even if you add a fictitious touch to the story?

Calling it something like ‘Aryan: His Story’ (too cliched, but we’ll take it!), the web series could focus on the incident from his perspective mashing up with the garbage that was fed from the media. The story could run parallel with the issues that were faced by his close ones, also the families of people that were present on the cruise that night.

We don’t at all mean the makers should take this opportunity to milk an incident that shook many lives, the angle is just purely cinematic thinking about how intriguing this could make the storytelling.

We also know this is almost an impossible thing to happen but as Shah Rukh Khan once said, “Aaj ek sapna aur dekh lo… Kya Pata Kal Ho Na Ho?”

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