Rekha Was Once Warned By Sunil Dutt To Stay Away From Sanjay Dutt
Sunil Dutt Once Warned Rekha To Stay Away From Sanjay Dutt(Photo Credit – Instagram)

Two actors working together in a film and falling in love is a very common story. Many actors have fallen in love like this. But, at certain times, there have been cases where the actors are just good friends, but they are termed as lovers from everyone around them, and they find themselves and their lives steeped in rumours. One such case reportedly is that of Sanjay Dutt and Rekha. The rumours about their affair had blown so out of proportion that Sunil Dutt had to intervene.

Sanjay and Rekha worked in Zameen Asmaan together, and rumours about their relationship began to fly. The news became so twisted that apparently, Sunil personally spoke to both of them and warned them to stay away from each other.



Sanjay Dutt always had a controversial figure in the ’90s. Although we have already seen it in his biopic, let us tell you that he was a player in his young days, and his name was linked with many leading actresses of his time. One such actress was Rekha, who was working in a film named Zameen Asmaan with the PK actor in 1984.

According to reports in several entertainment portals of that time, Sanjay Dutt and Rekha were in a relationship. The actor and actress were close because Rekha was helping Sanju during a bad phase in his life. This was misinterpreted and turned into the news of his relationship with her.

It is said that when this news reached Sanjay’s father, Sunil Dutt, he intervened in the process and reportedly spoke to the actor on the matter. Then he went to Rekha and apparently warned her to stay away from his son.

Nobody knows the truth behind this story, but what we know is that Sanjay Dutt then released an official statement denying his relationship with Rekha.

There was a point when rumour mills started buzzing that Rekha wears sindoor in Sanjay’s name. Although those rumours were put to rest, it still is an important chapter in the actor’s life.

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