Salman Khan Advices Young Fans To Watch His Films Only If They Have "Extra Money" In An Old Video; Read On
Salman Khan Advices Young Fans To Watch His Films Only If They Have “Extra Money” In An Old Video ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Salman Khan is one of the biggest superstars in Bollywood. His massive fan base continues to support him wholeheartedly, making him one of the most influential and bankable stars in Bollywood. Now a clip from a press conference is going viral on Reddit.

Salman is renowned for his brutally honest opinions and snide remarks, even if he has occasionally made news for controversy. He once spoke openly about the audience’s priorities. Scroll down to know more.

Despite being one of the highest-paid performers in the business, Salman Khan once stated that moviegoers should only watch a movie if they had “extra money,” adding that it’s about putting the public before his box office earnings.

Salman Khan said, “If you have extra money, then only go and watch a film. I might be the only actor who says that. For me it’s them first and then my collections. Nehi toh, main toh chalta rahunga – iss range mein, higher range mein, ya neeche ke range ke andar. Jitna mujhe naam, shahurat, paise kamana tha main kama chuka hai. uska greed hain hee nehi mere dimaag ke andar.”

Dabangg Khan then added, “Ab bachho ke exams chal rahe hain, and you expect the family to go and watch films? What rubbish is this? Pehle padh le, homework complete kar le, uske baad jaake picture dekhe. These things come first for me before selfish things. Compete karne ke liye apne dost, yaar ke saath, we promote the film to such a level that people come to the theatres to satisfy our ego and make us number one in the industry.”

Watch the video below

Salman says that film should be the last priority for general audience.
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As the video went viral on Reddit, several netizens hailed Salman Khan for his brutally honest answer. A user wrote, “He is right. And he is trying to use his massive influence in the right way here, so for a change, folks can take a break from bhai bashing and appreciate what he is saying.” While another user commented, “Great behaviour, especially when fans of such megastar waste so much of their lives around them saying such things is very good.”

A third user commented, “Bhoi is speaking the truth. He knows his Die Hard fans will rush to the theatre and keep spending their life savings just to watch his films.”

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