Sahil Khan's New Store Inauguration Witnessed Police Resorting To Lathi Charge On Out Of Control Fans
Actor Sahil Khan’s Fitness Store Inauguration In Meerut Ended Up In Police Doing A Lathi Charge On Fans Who Were Out Of Control(Pic Credit: Instagram/buycepsmeerut, sahilkhan)

Bollywood actor Sahil Khan is known not only for his film but mostly for his fitness freak nature. The actor remains in the headlines for his pictures on Instagram! But recently an incident took place with Sahil as he was in Meerut to launch his store that’s based on bodybuilding products.


The ‘Style‘ fame owns a store named “Buyceps” that sells bodybuilding products, which in turn has several stores in the country. When the actor reached his store for the launch, the fans broke the blockades to catch the peek of Sahil. Which took a nasty turn as police had to resort to lathi-charge.


Now the images of this lathi-charge that happened outside Sahil Khan’s store are spreading like wildfire on social media platforms. Various questions are also being put up such as, “How was the permission granted to let so many people collected in one place in times of corona?”

“Did the organizers of the program make any arrangements to prevent people from getting out of control?” are being asked to Sahil Khan

The occurrence happened at the Garh road of Nauchandi police station area in Meerut, where Sahil had visited to launch his bodybuilding food products store. The images of the launch have also been posted on Instagram.

The police officer attending the event first provided instructions to the public but when folks did not heed to the police, the law had to conduct a lathi charge. Assistant Superintendent of Tihar Jail, Deepak Sharma was also present at Sahil Khan’s event. The people present there accused bouncers of creating a commotion on the road after the program. People complained about this to SSP and he gave the instructions to imprison the bouncers who were creating the uproar.

The bouncers that were accused, drove away before getting arrested by the police. Meerut police sieged the Scorpio car on the bypass. After this incident, the police took ‘Chaalaan’ from six bouncers for provoking the issue.

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