Ratna Pathak Shah Reveals Being ‘Completely Unemployed For A Year’, Says, “I Don’t Know How To Blame Actors For That”
Ratna Pathak Shah Reveals Being Unemployed For a Year Because Of This Reason. (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Ratna Pathak Shah has some news for you if you have ever thought that it gets easier for Bollywood actors. The famed and critically acclaimed actress revealed shocking details after walking the red carpet at Cannes 2024. Ratna revealed that she has been unemployed for a year because she does not have social media.

While attending the Cannes Film Festival, the actor brought attention to the fact that, in the age of Instagram, an actor’s chances of getting work are determined by the quantity of their social media followers.

When asked if an actor’s appearance matters more than their skill, Ratna answered candidly while speaking with Brut. She disclosed, “Yes, the answer is simply yes. She continued, “I don’t know how to blame actors for that because these are the things that are asked and are focused on. Depending on the number of followers, people are getting work today. That is what I have heard.

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