Why Rannvijay Singha never bothers about his position in industry
Rannvijay Singha Doesn’t Bother About His Position In The Industry! (PC: Instagram)

Actor Rannvijay Singha never bothers about what position he enjoys in the industry, as long as he can provide for his family.

“My priorities are not about making a place (in the industry) or not, that is not the question. (The) Question is if I have been able to provide for my family, friends and people around me. Yes, I have done that,” he told IANS.

Rannvijay Singha says this has been his goal all along. “Whether it was as an actor, presenter, influencer or brand ambassador, the intention of working for me was to provide,” he says.

Rannvijay Singha, who is currently a part of the series Sumer Singh Case Files: Girlfriends, is known for hosting reality shows such as Roadies and Splitsvilla. He says he is lucky that his work revolves around the things that he is passionate about.

“The kind of things that I enjoyed were adventure, sports, family. My career is what my passions are. So I can enjoy and have fun. It makes no difference if I have a place or not in the industry. There are no ranks here. It’s not like the army. For different people, priorities are different,” Rannvijay says.

Sumer Singh Case Files: Girlfriends casts him as a cop.

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