Mukesh Khanna Claims Shaktimaan Will Compete With Iron Man, Spider-Man & Superman
Mukesh Khanna Compares Shaktimaan’s Superpowers With Iron Man, Spider-Man & Superman ( Photo Credit – Poster from Shaktimaan, Avengers )

Mukesh Khanna’s Shaktimaan was launched in 1997 on Doordarshan. The TV series went on to air for eight years and earned quite a fan base. Now the popular TV character is once again making headlines for the past few weeks as it is all set to make a comeback in a film.


Sony Pictures announced last month that it will bring popular TV superhero character and his alter ego Pandit Gangadhar Vidhyadhar Mayadhar Omkarnath Shastriji, on the big screens in the form of a trilogy. The announcement comes as good news for all the 90s kids. Excitement among fans is now all-time high ever since the news came out.


Now during a recent conversation with Brut India, Mukesh Khanna claims Shaktimaan is the “most popular and loved superhero.” He also discussed the TV character’s superpowers and said, “If you compare with the powers of any superhero, maybe Iron Man, Spider-man, or Superman, and you compare it with Shaktimaan, Shaktimaan can do everything. It will become a global…that superhero now…in contrast, in front of maybe Avengers.”

The veteran actor also said that how people have been telling him that Shaktimaan has to increase his powers since he is now in “competition with Avengers.” He countered this argument saying, “Let me tell you that Shaktimaan has every kind of power because he’s made from the panch bhoota (five elements) of the universe.”

When asked about the differences between the original TV show and the upcoming trilogy by Sony Pictures, Mukesh Khanna said that bigger villains and bigger gadgets will feature in the trilogy. However, the veteran actor assures that Shaktimaan’s soul will remain the same.

Mukesh then also said that the superhero has the power to solve world issues. “I wish I had superpowers. You see, I could have done things, which nobody, no leader wants to do. They want to stay in their power; in their respective seats in Parliament. But they’re just fighting. There has to be one power called Shaktimaan. (Who says) ‘Just sit down. Do the work.’..I openly say that today’s problems can only be solved by Shaktimaan. They cannot be solved by any president of any country,” he said.

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