Milind Sonam Running N*ked Is Different From Poonam Pandey Going N*de For Videos, Here's How
When Milind Soman Was Hailed As Fitness Icon For N*de Photo But Poonam Pandey’s N*ked Shoot Was Termed ‘Obscene’, Netizen Explains Why Both Are Not The Same (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Actor and supermodel Milind Soman often grabs eyeballs for his fitness regime, maintaining a strict workout routine, which many of us cannot even follow in our dreams. Enjoying a humungous fan following, he often drops thirst trap, showing off his masculine built in drool-worthy pics and videos. But, nothing will ever come close to the stunt Milind Soman pulled off in 2020, sharing a n*de pic on his birthday that set social media ablaze, which later got him booked by Goa Police, but not before he won major applause for it.

Milind Soman’s n*ked picture in 2020 also ignited major discourse on freedom of expression, as around the same time, actress Poonam Pandey was arrested for shooting a n*de video in Goa.

Poonam Pandey’s arrest came just a few days after pictures of her provocative photoshoot appeared on social media, and a complaint was filed against her by the local opposition party, ‘Goa Forward’, alleging she participated in a p*rn photoshoot.

While both Milind Soman and Poonam Pandey faced firm actions for sharing and shooting n*de pic/videos, the public reaction for both of them was entirely different. This also ignited social media mayhem as the internet was divided into two parts with one section calling out gender hypocrisy supporting Poonam and the other hailing Milind Soman as an undisputed fitness icon.

Many argued why Milind and Poonam were subjected to different treatment despite both allegedly promoting n*dity, but there’s certainly a difference between Milind Soman running n*ked, and Poonam Pandey’s n*de shoots, as pointed out by a netizen, rightly.

The netizen, taking to Twitter (now X), wrote, “There is a difference between Milind Soman running N*ked, and Poonam Pandey’s shoots. Milind Soman is not trying to titillate you. The picture is pure self-expression and it’s f*ckin beautiful. Can’t say the same about the latter. They are not the same.”

What are your thoughts on Milind Soman being lauded while Poonam Pandey is condemned for going n*ked in public? Let us know.

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