When Karan Johar Said Salman Asked A Lot Of Money To Be In His Film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
When Salman Asked A Large Amount Of Money From Karan Johar To Play Aman In Kuch Kuch Hota Hai ( Photo Credit – Instagram; Movie Poster )

Director-producer Karan Johar is a brand himself today he has formed an empire of his own and comes a long way since his first film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai in 1998. The film created waves when it was released and had a great influence on the 90s and 2000s kids, starting from their fashion to the lingo. But it too had its share of road bumps being his directorial debut.

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai had a heavy star cast including Shah Rukh Khan, Rani Mukherji, Kajol, and Salman Khan where Rani and Salman had to play second fiddle to Shah Rukh and Kajol. The casting caused a few problems for KJO that he spoke about in a throwback video.



Karon Johar went to Saif Ali Khan also with the role of Aman which was finally played by Salman but initially he asked for an hefty amount to play that part since the film’s major focus was SRK and Kajol. In a throwback interview uploaded by the YouTube channel WildFilms India, Karan talked about it he said, “I thought it (the second male lead) should be a star because the actor had to drag Kajol to the man she loves, so I thought ye koi bhi kare toh it will not be good.”

In that throwback interview, Karan also revealed how he approached Salman in the first place, “So Alvira, Salman Khan’s sister is a very good friend of mine. I was at her place, and we were talking about the film, and Salman was there and wanted to know about it; I really did not think he would do it. He asked about the actors who were there and the days he would have to devote to it. He said, I will do it, and I said really? He said to narrate it to me, and then he heard it and asked for money, big money at that time, very very big money. So I told my father. He said however wonderful Salman is, we don’t have the budget.”

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After getting dejected, Karan Johar moved on to other actors, including Chandrachur Singh and Saif Ali Khan, but unfortunately, he was turned down by them as well! After that, he was very upset, hence his friends asked him to come to a party hosted by Chunky Panday, where Salman was present as well. Seeing Karan all upset and morose, the Dabangg actor walked up to him to query why he looked so sad, he even asked him what happened with his “hero shopping”. After he told Karan to come and see him again and said, “I am doing your film, I like you, I like your father.” Karan added, “He said you pay me what you want.”

He also recalled how both Salman and Rani won awards for their roles in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and said, “these were the two most rejected roles in the industry, and I was so thrilled for them.” It has been over two decades, and all of them are megastars of Bollywood he is a very well-established director/producer in the Indian Film Industry they say All’s Well That Ends Well!

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