Karan Johar Once Rejected Neha Dhupia's Marriage Proposal Thrice
Did You Know? Karan Johar Rejected Neha Dhupia’s Marriage Proposal Thrice(Photo Credit – Instagram)

Karan Johar is one of the leading filmmaker and producer in Bollywood. He is not only a successful filmmaker but also the biggest social butterfly of Bollywood who loves to play cupid for several celebs. But did you know Neha Dhupia proposed to him thrice for marriage? Read on.


The filmmaker is a true romantic at heart and it is quite evident from his films. He is friends with almost friends with everyone in the industry be it from the younger generation or the older generation. He uses his networking skills to launch celebs and also becomes cupid for celebrities.


Karan Johar once made an appearance on Neha Dhupia’s popular talk show No Filter Neha where the two engaged in friendly banter. During her talk show, she revealed that she proposed to him for a marriage (jokingly) thrice but he turned it down. She also revealed that why he wasn’t interested in her because he has ‘no interest in any of her body parts.’

Neha said, “I have proposed marriage to Karan thrice at different places as a joke and each time he has turned me down. He is the only man to who I have proposed marriage to. Apart from all the reasons he gave for turning me down, one of them was this.”

Karan Johar in his biography, An Unsuitable Boy, which is being published by Penguin Books, revealed that he lost his virginity at the age of 26. As quoted by India Today, the ace filmmaker in his book wrote, “It was New York. It was right after Kuch Kuch Hota Hai had released, and there was a little bit of confidence that had stepped up within and we went to something called the Bollywood Awards… I remember being in this hotel and not realising what being picked up means till the person got quite specific and I felt really great about myself because I was all of 140 kilos…”

“I landed up having s*x and I actually was very grateful to that person. And I remember going to St Patrick’s Cathedral and thanking the good Lord after that,” Karan added.

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  1. Hopefully Karan liked to suck c*cks of guys, the main reason he disliked Neha Dhupia’s body parts.


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