Kangana Ranaut Exposes Drugs Racket Of Bollywood; “I've Seen How Vulgar It Becomes…”(Pic credit: Facebook/Kangana Ranaut)
Kangana Ranaut Exposes Drugs Racket Of Bollywood; “I’ve Seen How Vulgar It Becomes…”(Pic credit: Facebook/Kangana Ranaut)

Kangana Ranaut has once again set the ball rolling and made some shocking revelations. Ever since actor Sushant Singh Rajput passed away, she has not sat still even for a single day. The Queen actress has gone ahead and revealed so many secrets, that it has left most of the Bollywood biggies speechless.


After the drugs angle emerged in the SSR death case, Kangana has many deep dark secrets to reveal. We are sure that you all would want to hear her point of view in this. Read on to know more.


After Rhea Chakraborty’s explosive interview, Kangana Ranaut spoke to Republic about drugs in Bollywood. The actress claimed that she has seen the dark side of Bollywood where many actors do drugs.

Kangana Ranaut’s statement comes into the picture after Rhea Chakraborty’s alleged ‘drug chat’ with her associates were leaked on a news channel. After the drug-angle emerged, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) filed an official complaint against the Jalebi actress for allegedly dealing in drugs.

Speaking to the news channel, Kangana said, “Many young actors, my age, they individually snort drugs and do shows. Second, blind items are also being written about these actors. Dealers are the same. Everything is handled in a systematic manner. Their wives also host these parties. It is a different environment altogether. You will find people who only do drugs and indulge in debauchery in such parties.”

She went on to say, “Many governments have helped this Bollywood-drug mafia grow. Same Bollywood-drug mafia involved, they know each other, same dealers and peddlers are involved. Then there is another racket – blind items, where actors have admitted that they consume drugs. These people promote nepotism, many of them do drugs from childhood and then become actors or directors. Many of these actors, I dated one of them — they go to a place, start with a drink & then go on with drugs. It all starts with a drink, then a roll, and then a pill, then they snort – it’s a secret sign.”

“These actors, their wives move to houses & do drugs, debauchery is unimaginable. I’ve seen how vulgar it becomes and things get out of control at these drug parties. Some of the realities are shown in a recent film, but the truth is whitewashed. My question is how can such people be idolized?” Kangana added further.

Now, what do you think about Kangana Ranaut’s statements?

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