Jaya Bachchan Gets Irritated With The Media Outside Aditya Chopra’s House
An Irritated Jaya Bachchan Asks The Media To Stay Away As She Leaves Aditya Chopra’s House

Jaya Bachchan is the Angry Indian Goddess for the media. She turns irritated as soon as she sees the camera. However, at times, even the media pushes the boundaries even though they got their pressure. So there’s a thin line. Yesterday, as Mrs Bachchan felt the line being crossed, she was seen snapping at the media who were stationed outside producer Aditya Chopra’s house.

Celebs were paying their visits to offer condolences on Pamela Chopra’s passing away, and the media did not want to miss it. So, as usual, they made a point outside the Chopra bungalow to cover the unfortunate event.

But seems like Jaya Bachchan was in no mood to empathise with anyone yet again. When she was entering the premise, the veteran actress was seen wearing a mask and gesturing media to keep a distance from her.

Jaya Bachchan was even seen saying, “Iske paas nahi aana chahiye koi bhi” and the media was heard responding in an affirmative. However, her video while leaving Aditya Chopra’s residence is going viral on the internet where the actress says, “Bus ab bahut ho gaya abhi, peeche jaaiye.”

The internet seems divided on Mrs Bachchan’s angry demeanour and rude tone to deal with the Paps. Some reason that she was at someone’s funeral, and it was not an appropriate place to get clicked. While others felt that all she could be was a little polite with someone who was just doing the job assigned to them.

Comments to the video had vivid reactions. A user wrote, “Yes mam, u r the only human.” Another comment read, “Why is she angry all the time?” At this odd time, a netizen decided to troll Shweta Bachchan saying, “Shweta to apne papa ke kapde phn kr aa gyi.”

However, the major part of the comment section argued how media should stay away from grieving family and friends. A user commented, “Every one else should be aside.Paparazzi should respect the dead. They should understand the situation. Har jagah jake sirf click click click.. shameless people.” Another harsh comment read, “Kisi k funeral me bhi ye media Wale shanti se nahi rahne denge …. Inka bas chale to mare hue se bhi pose dene ko kahe.”

Others understood that even the photographers are doing their tasks, and it doesn’t require such irritated gestures. A user wrote questioning Jaya Bachchan’s behaviour, “How rude and frustrated she is!” Another comment read, “Ye itni proudy n batameej hai, pata nhi kyu camera wale bhai log apni bejatti karwatey hai….isko bhav hi mat do, sara ghamand toot jayega.”

Mrs Bachhchan was defended by another user who tried to reason, not every star can be humble. The comment read, “Abi yaha jitne bache comment kar rahe hai na kyu bhav dere kya hai n all… So let me tell u all here once upon a time she was star much more bigger n brighter thn Big B… So she has seen, lived n experienced that stardom.. So she has tht in her… No offense.. But understand this as well.. Not every super star once has to b kind n humble some are like her too…”.

Mrs Bachchan was leaving the Chopra house after she exchanged a warm hug with Rani Mukerji when she turned rude towards the media. You can see the videos here.


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Jaya Bachchan shared a close equation with Aditya Chopra’s late mother Pamela Chopra, who passed away on Thursday, April 20. Yash Chopra and Amitabh Bachchan had an iconic chemistry and created films like Deewar, and Silsila. Chopras even helped Bachchans at their lowest when the filmmaker offered the superstar, who was getting shaky with every film, the iconic Mohabbatein, which revived his career.

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