'Can't Recall' Giving Gifts To Jacqueline Fernandez Says Conman Sukesh Chandrasekhar During Face To Face Questioning By ED - Reports
Conman Sukesh Chandrasekhar Claims He Does Not Recall Giving Gifts To Jacqueline Fernandez During Recent ED Questioning!(Pic Credit: Instagram)

Bollywood diva Jacqueline Fernandez has once again come under the radar after her name was recently filed as an accused in a charge sheet by the ED for her involvement with conman Sukesh Chandrasekhar in 200 crore money laundering case.

Over the past year, Jacqueline has been called for questioning by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) multiple times. Not just the deets on her private relationship with the conman, but also the gifts she has received from Sukesh was brought to light.



Well, according to a recent scoop, Jacqueline Fernandez and conman Sukesh Chandrasekhar were cross-questioned face to face by the ED recently and newer shocking deets have been spilt by the two. For the unversed, during earlier summons, Fernandez had listed all the gifts she had received from the conman. These include a horse, some designer bags from Gucci and channel, some gym wear outfits from Gucci, two diamond earrings and cash to her family member ($150,000 transferred to her sister Geraldine’s bank account). On the other hand, Sukesh had also claimed that he gifted Jacqueline’s parents a Maserati and her mother (who stays in Bahrain) a Porsche.

Now, as per reports by NDTV, during the cross-questioning, Jacqueline Fernandez and Sukesh Chandrasekhar were once again asked about their relationship and the gifts that were exchanged. What turned out to be shocking was that while the Ram Setu actress maintained her statements, the conman claimed that he could ‘not recall’ giving any gifts to the Bollywood actress.

The cross-questioning started with normal questions like ‘please introduce yourself’, ‘have you ever met or spoken to each other?’, ‘how did you introduce yourself at first?’ etc. When it came to questions about the gift exchanged, Sukesh was asked whether he gifted Jacqueline’s sister Geraldine a BMW, to which the conman simply said, “I am not able to recall”, while the diva denied the claim. According to the reports Sukesh was reminded about his earlier statements in which he claimed that he gifted Jacqueline’s sister a BMW car.

When the ED questioned the two about the conman gifting Jacqueline’s parents with a Maserati and her mother with a Porsche, the Roy actress denied the claims, while Sukesh once again said, “I am not able to recall.” The conman was once again reminded about his earlier statements that he is retracting. When the question came to the money being given to Geraldine, the actress maintained her earlier statement of ‘$150,000’ while Sukesh once again stuck to the same not able to recall statement.

As the ED continued the cross-questioning, they asked Fernandez about the gifts she received from Sukesh. Replying to the question, she said, “I received 4 bags from Gucci, Chanel, Saint Laurent, Dior, 2 shoes from Louis Vuitton and Louboutin, 2 outfits from Gucci, perfumes, 4 cats, a Mini Cooper, 2 diamond earrings, a multicoloured diamond bracelet.” While the conman once again said he did not recall giving it.

Finally, when asked if (Sukesh Chandrasekhar) had given a cash amount of Rs 15 Lakh to Advaita Kala on behalf of Jacqueline Fernandez, both of them responded yes.

Phew! With Sukesh suddenly refracting his previous statements while Jacqueline stays put, the case indeed is getting quite twisted now.

What are your thoughts on the apparent cross-questioning Jacqueline and Sukesh were made to go through by the ED? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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