Imran Khan's Avantika Malik Shares A Cryptic Post & If It's Something We're Thinking About, Then It's Really A Positive Step
Imran Khan & Her ‘Estranged’ Wife Avantika Malik Are Coming Back Together?

All isn’t well for Imran Khan as he has been the centre of news for mostly not-so-good reasons. Just a few days back, he had made it to the headlines due to quitting his acting career and today, he is back as his wife Avantika Malik recently shared a cryptic Instagram post.

For the unversed, there have been reports around Imran and Avantika’s separation since 2019. The duo has tied the knot in 2011 and if reports are to be believed, there was trouble in paradise. A long back, we even learnt that the duo is heading for divorce but Avantika’s mother, Vandana Malik had quashed the rumours. However, both Imran and Avantika have been mum on such reports, thus paving a way for tonnes of speculations.

A few days back, Avantika Malik had shared a post that screamed ‘don’t run away from problems’. Many believed it was meant for her husband, Imran Khan. She had written, “Sit with it. Instead of drinking it away, smoking it away, sleeping it away, eating it away, f*cking it away, running from it. Sit with it. Healing happens by feeling.” Now, once again, Avantika is grabbing eyeballs with her cryptic post.

Avantika Malik’s Instagram story’s post talks about having communication to deal with struggles in a relationship. And just like the last post, this one too is believed to be pointed towards Imran Khan. Contrary to such beliefs, the Delhi Belly actor’s wife has referred to it as a ‘note to self’. Her post reads, “When valued personal relationships go silent, trouble often follows. I’m not talking about productive ‘time-outs’ that are clearly expressed—I’m talking about silence that is reactive, or an attempt to do harm.”

“This kind of silence ensures that the connection will not find its way back to health. Because silence fosters confusion, projections, and worst of all—assumptions about what the other is feeling or thinking. And assumption doesn’t get us anywhere good. Inquiry does. Assumptions ensure that the wall will only get thicker until there is no way to reconnect. Whatever you do, even if you are justifiably angry, try to keep the door to inquiry open. You may not be ready to process the experience but allow for the possibility that you one day will. Because valued connections are hard to find in this crazy world. Anger doesn’t have to be the end of the story. Sometimes its the portal to a closer connection. Sometimes, it’s the way through to great learning. ! Inquiry is the bridge,” continues the post.

Avantika Malik/ Instagram

Well, we really don’t know for whom this post was shared, but we would be happy if the duo comes out officially and proclaim that ‘all is well’ between them.

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