Ambulance Service Named After Sonu Sood In Telangana
Fans In Telangana Start Ambulance Service Dedicated To Sonu Sood (Photo Credit – Sonu Sood/Instagram)

Mostly known for his villainous portrayals like Chedi Singh in Dabangg, Sonu Sood turned out to be a real-life hero during the crisis. He helped needy people and migrant workers during the tough times of COVID-19. Even now, the actor is doing his best to help people by getting in touch with them through social media.


Sonu has left a strong impression on most of us, as a messiah. His deeds have inspired many to carry out social work for different strata of society. One such example has been witnessed in Telangana state where youth and Sonu’s fans have started ambulance service.


The ambulance service is named as Sonu Sood Ambulance Service and is spread across the state of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Its aim is to provide medical facilities for those who are financially weak. Speaking on it, the Dabangg actor says, “While I was shooting in Hyderabad, I met many people who had to undergo critical medical surgeries but did not have the money to afford them. I am happy that so many inspiring young people have come forward to start an ambulance service to help those in need. We are defined by our actions and this is a reminder that we should continue to be kind and compassionate to all,” as per Mid Day.

Now, that’s truly something worth highlighting and a perfect tribute to Sonu Sood’s noble work.

Meanwhile, contrary to praises, there are also some who call Sonu a ‘fraud’. He has been trolled multiple times on social media for helping the needy. The actor recently spoke about being called a fake and all the internet negativity.

Sonu Sood told Mojo Story, “I heard a story as a child. A sadhu (godman) had a magnificent horse and a daaku asked him to give the horse to him. The sadhu refused and went ahead. In the jungle, he saw an elderly man who could barely walk. He offered the horse to the old man. The moment he sat on the horse, he revealed himself to be the daaku and started getting away. The holy man stopped him and said that you can take the horse but don’t tell anyone how you took my horse because then people will stop believing in doing good deeds. That is my reply to trolls, you may be doing it because it is your profession, you are being paid for it. It doesn’t affect me and I will continue doing what I do.”

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