Rohit Saraf On His Exciting First Meet With Priyanka Chopra
Rohit Saraf Has Worked With Priyanka Chopra In The Sky Is Pink (Photo Credit – Instagram / Priyanka Chopra / Rohit Saraf )

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Rohit Saraf, who can be currently seen in Netflix’s Mismatched, has become the national crush. The actor is basking in the success of his show which also features the YouTube sensation, Prajakta Kohli.

Netflix’s new release has instantly become a massive hit and Rohit has found a place in millions of hearts. Well, not like he didn’t rule them before this. His stint in The Sky Is Pink alongside Priyanka Chopra, Farhan Akhtar and Zaira Wasim was loved too. But, did you know what exactly Rohit’s first meeting looked like with PeeCee? We bet you don’t want to miss out on this fun story.



We got a chance to talk to the current heartthrob of the nation, Rohit Saraf, who was in a fantastic mood as the audience well receives his new show, Mismatched. While having a conversation about his earlier films, we happen to ask Rohit about the first meeting with his The Sky Is Pink Co-star, Priyanka Chopra. And his story was so much fun that we could not, not share it with you.

Rohit Saraf remembered the day when he was in Mehboob Studios, Mumbai for his look test. About the first meet with Priyanka, he exclaimed, “Oh My God! I can’t forget that day ever. That was the first day, and I didn’t know I was meeting PeeCee, Farhan and everyone that day. I was just told that it is your look test. After the look test, they asked me to sit in the van for a bit. I sat in the van, and I was chilling for like two, two and a half-hour. And then suddenly one of the AD’s came and asked me to come to the set quickly. I walked in, and I saw Zaira, Farha and PeeCee there and I was like ‘one sec, what just happened? I wasn’t ready for this’.”

Rohit continued, “But then it was great. I remember the first question she ever asked me was ‘what are the kind of films you want to do?’ Actually, it is very funny. The first time I ever interacted with her was on camera. Basically, they were rolling the camera, and there was a couch, and she was sitting there. I went there, and they said ‘ok sit, now you are the son and she is your mum, so just talk’. I was like ‘whattt? That is not how I wanted to meet her for the first time’. It was really, really fun.” Well, it does sound interesting, we must say.

Rohit Saraf made some revelation about Priyanka Chopra too. “She is a massive prankster. She is always having fun on set; she is always like talking about the most random things; we are eating makhanas and whatnot.” Now that is the kind of vibe we always thought PeeCee would be having around her.

We are sure that you must have enjoyed reading this incident as much as we enjoyed listening to it from Rohit.

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