Strange Things happened after Divya Bharti’s death with actresses who replaced her
Post her demise Divya Bharti was replaced by Sridevi in Laadla ( Photo Credit – Movie Still )

It has been 30 years since the iconic superstar Divya Bharti died mysteriously after falling from her Balcony. The actress left many films unfinished out of which 8 were big-budget films that were later finished with other actors.

One such film was Laadla where the Deewana actress was replaced by Sridevi. But things started turning strange as soon as Sridevi began shooting for the film. Raj Kanwar directed Laadla. Scroll to know what happened when the shoot started again after six months.

So as per reports, Divya Bharti had already completed 80 per cent of the film when she mysteriously died on April 5, 1993. After, Divya Bharti’s death, Sridevi replaced her in the film and all the actors including lead actors Anil Kapoor and Raveena Tandon had to reshoot their parts.

When Sridevi, joined the cast, strange things started happening on the sets. There was a scene that was already shot with Divya Bharti, Raveena Tandon and Shakti Kapoor. Divya used to fumble during a dialogue and the scene took a lot of retakes. When Sridevi started shooting for the scene again, she started fumbling at the exact same place and couldn’t deliver after a lot of retakes leaving Raveena and Shakti stunned.

Later, Shakti Kapoor suggested that the team should chant Gayatri Mantra. Raveena Tandon held Sridevi‘s hand and both abided and the scene could be shot smoothly thereafter. Unfortunately, many years later, just like Divya Bharti, even Sridevi died a mysterious death by drowning in a bathtub.

Another film of Divya Bharti which was released after her death was Rang. Her co-star from the film Ayesha Jhulka in an interview stated, “Strange things happened during and after the film. We were all at the screening and when Divya’s entry scene started, entire screen fell apart leaving everyone panicked and shocked.”

Divya Bharti’s life was short-lived but elaborate. In a career of merely four years, she did 21 films and delivered 12 films in the year 1992. Her incomplete films included Laadla reshot by Sridevi, Mohra and Dilwale, reshot by Raveena Tandon, Vijaypath reshot by Tabu, Kartavya reshot by Juhi Chawla and Andolan reshot by Mamta Kulkarni. Several scenes shot by Divya Bharti in Laadla are still present on many Youtube channels and have millions of views.

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