Did Salman Khan Once Allegedly Unzipped & Pee In Front Of A Female Journalist To Avenge For Her Bad Reviews For His Film? A Senior Journo Once Hinted So!
Did Salman Khan Once Allegedly Unzipped & Pee In Front Of A Female Journalist? A Senior Journo Once Hinted The Same (Picture Credit: IMDB)

Salman Khan has been a man who has chapters written about his deeds and his misdeeds. The superstar once upon a time was infamous for his brittle ego and brat behavior. His drinking habits and his locker room habits often made headlines during the late 90s. However, after the Hit and Run case and his break-up with Aishwarya Rai, his image was tormented beyond repair.

Every day, there was some or the other news about the Tiger actor’s antics. He began working on his image and rebuilding it after launching Being Human, and the world witnessed how images changed in the industry.

Salman Khan’s Pandora Box opened yet again when he made the most weird and insensitive comment on women as he compared himself to a r*ped woman after feeling completely exhausted, while he prepped for Sultan.

The statement took everyone by surprise, and people started sharing experiences without taking his name. But everyone certainly knew who everyone was talking about! One such instance was shared by a famous journalist who narrated a tale about a superstar avenging his bad reviews.

Since the story came out at the time, Salman Khan’s comment on Sultan was highlighted; it was not a hard guess. The journalist on his social media account narrated how a famous actor once took revenge on a female journalist. The incident went like this, “More than a decade ago, an independent, national award-winning film critic had gone to interview a famous actor now in the news…The film critic had panned a few films in which the said actor had a lead role or was one of the male leads. He held a grudge…But since a new movie was releasing, he had to give interviews.”

The admission further revealed, “Unfortunately, it was with this critic. He had to avenge, though…So first, he made her wait for several hours in the hot sun and then asked her to sit on a set prop (a ‘khatiya’). She sat. Waited…Finally, he emerged. He told her, “Wait, I have to pee.” He then went to a tree 5 ft away, unzipped his, and peed in front of her…”

This came as a shocking incident for anyone except those who knew the superstar, his antics, and his temperament very well. The post further read, “That was the actor’s “revenge” on a female film critic and reporter who had the “audacity” to not like his movies. (Addendum) The said film reporter and critic rightly walked off. Her editor supported her decision.”

Well, we certainly cannot confirm that the superstar was Salman Khan. These were just murmurs since the Tiger 3 actor was the talk of the town while this revelation was made. But whoever this ‘famous actor’ was, this story makes us shocked beyond thought that once upon a time, even this happened in Bollywood!

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