Trade Analyst Exposes The Dark Side Of Bollywood, Compared Film Critics To “Samosa Chaat Ke Plate” & Analysts As “Nikkama”
Trade Analyst Slams Film Critics For Taking Money From Production Houses, Exposes The Dark Side Of The Industry Saying “Aaj Tum 2 Hazaar Mein Bike Ho Kal…”(Photo Credit–Poster)

Many have dubbed Bollywood as an industry that comprises a dark side. Be it actors, new stars/directors or even at times established names – all have at some point experiences this darkness. And now, a trade analyst has opened up about the recent dark side of Bollywood critics and trade analysts.

In a series of tweets, an analyst not only spoke about the dirty dealings of Bollywood critics and other analysts, but he also called them out for taking payment from production houses to talk about the box office stand of films and even asked some to ‘seriously retire gracefully.’ Read on to know all he had to say.

Taking to his Twitter handle, this film analyst first tweeted, “Some of the trade analysts should seriously retire gracefully. They have become puppets of PR agencies and some production houses.” Trade analysts are known to share the numbers regarding how well a film is performing as well as what business it is expected to do when it releases. Soon after his initial tweet, he followed it with another reading, “2-2 hazaar rupaiye ke tweet ke liye kitna giroge???”

A while later, still shading Bollywood critics and trade analysts for taking money and posting about films, this analyst tweeted, “Tukdon pe to kutte bhi palte hai… mujhe lagta tha tum insaan ho.” He followed it with a tweet reading, “In short aap sabke saath scam ho raha hai,” before adding, “Kisiko julaab lag gaya”

Further slamming critics and film analysts for doing their jobs after being paid by productions houses or doing their jobs only when they receive some payment, he tweeted, “Vikram Aur Betaal ki kahani sunata hun ” Har Major Release Box-Office ki File nahi khol sakti” With some big films like Vikram, Prithviraj & Major all set for release, he added, “Aaj tum 2 hazaar mein बिके ho kal tum 1000 mein bik jaoge aur parso 500 mein. Ye vidhi ka vidhaan hai.”

Targeting the critics, this trade analyst wrote, “Har gali mein critic hai… Samosa chaat ke plate pe bikte hai.” He ended his rant by noting, “Main baki so called major trade analysts jaisa nikkama nahi hun…”

Other times when the dark side of the industry comes to light is when the topics of nepotism and groupism are talked about. While the former is said to happen when family members of a particular star are said to be given preferences over those from a non-filmy background, the latter occurs when individuals are given opportunities owing to the circles they hang out in.

Do you agree with this trade analyst’s views on some critics and trade analysts being bought by production houses to promote their film and show it in a good light? Let us know in the comments below.

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