Salman Khan
Salman Khan

It is not always that we compare our hot muscled Bollywood icons to mean machines but when it comes to a certain Dabangg Khan, this can be the best comparison we make. A superhero human in his own head, a people’s man in the audience’s eyes, Salman Khan is the biggest superstar reigning over Bollywood today. While he is busy returning to the silver screen after a much awaited one year hiatus with Jai Ho, high hopes are being pinned on him and his film, more on the box office front.


On the contrary, Audi released its new RS7 Sportback model in India, priced at a whooping 1.28 crores. Powerful, speedy and lightning fast, the RS7 Sportback travels a mammoth 0-100 kmph in a matter of 3.9 seconds, a recorded figure. The slickness of the car is baffling, and the sportiness, impressive. German luxury car manufacturer Audi launched its sporty Audi RS7 Sportback for India yesterday. The occasion was graced by Khan who became the first customer of the car in the country. Coming to Tiger of Bollywood, he is the branded Audi (so to say) that Bollywood has been worshipping for the past few years. Given his huge star status and immensely familiar earthy appeal, his films have been working wonders at the box office and raking in huge moolah, despite mostly lacking a powerful script. Jai Ho, which is yet another masala entertainer, is touted to be different. Getting in the aam-aadmi flavor to the film, churning out some major issues that plague the Indian society, this film looks like a Salman Khan film, but has a very refreshing angle to it. Unlike most other Salman films, which totally rely on his antics to pull off a scrambled story, this one looks fetching with at least a probable storyline attached. Hopefully, Jai Ho will serve as a welcome respite from the usual Salman wham-bam maara maari that we are subjected to.

With Dhoom 3 smashing one record after the other, post its release, it would be nice to see Salman take over Aamir Khan after his film releases this January 24. Although he was the record holder for having scored a century in the least number of days, with Ek Tha Tiger as well as Dabangg 2 taking in 6 days each to reach the coveted 100 crore club, his other contemporaries have beaten him on this one. While Shah Rukh Khan had his Chennai Express reach the mark in a little more than 3 days (considering the paid previews), Hrithik Roshan did it in a matter of four days with Krrish 3. But Aamir took away the cake from all as Dhoom 3 scored humongously and entered the club within the very first weekend. Now that Salman is gearing up for a release after a year, which had no Salman films hence no such storm hitting the theatres, it would be an understatement to say his friends are just waiting for the release. While beating Aamir’s three day record is an impossible feat, equaling his amount should come in handy. And with everything working in Jai Ho’s favour, except the mindlessly disgusting songs, three days it would be for Salman as well.

Definitely expected to take a grand opening of sorts, Jai Ho will definitely look forward to shattering few more records after Dhoom 3! But will Salman beat his own record and score the glittering 100 crore in 3 days? Will it be able to pull off his Jai Ho stint like the Audi RS7 Sportback model? Or will he just nudge past the 100 crore mark faster than the Audi RS7 (Audi takes 3.9 seconds to reach 100 kmph, silly!)

Nevertheless, the Audi RS7 has a limited upper limit of 255 kmph, which somehow will be shattered right away by Salman (read 255 crores) as he, with his Jai Ho, might just end up scoring a lot more than that mark in totality. All Salmanatics would agree, we presume!

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  1. In reel life sallu can do anything even he has married and lost his virginity on screen many times then Audi is not a big deal.


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