Brahmastra 2 Shelved? Ranveer Singh Won't Work With Ranbir Kapoor Avoiding The 600 Crore+ Budget Which Could've Beaten RRR...
Brahmastra 2 Shelved? Ranveer Singh Won’t Work With Ranbir Kapoor Avoiding The 600 Crore+ Budget Which Could’ve Beaten RRR… ( Photo Credit – Instagram; IMDB )

It’s not an unknown fact that Ranbir Kapoor’s Brahmastra took almost seven years to release, and it finally happened in 2022. When everyone finally saw the film, it had an open-ended hinting at yet another critical character of Dev laying the base for part 2. Ranveer Singh, Hrithik Roshan & many other names were rumored to play the role. Last week, there was a report floating around of how Ranveer has finally grabbed Brahmastra 2, but it looks like it was a mere rumor.

For those who don’t remember, we got to see a glimpse of ‘Dev,’ who will be playing Shiva’s (played by RK) father and husband of Amrita (to be played by Deepika Padukone). While it was just teased without revealing the face, fans started speculating, seeing the body structure of the character.

Ranveer’s name was on the top of the rumored list, and News18’s report clearly stated that he had signed the film and would be playing the role of Dev in the movie. But now, new reports claim that it was a piece of fake news, and we won’t see the two stars working together for obvious reasons.

Another name that was making rounds after Brahmastra’s release to play Dev was Ranbir Kapoor himself, which is making more sense after the latest report. Before we deep-dive into the theories and why we won’t be able to see Ranveer Singh and Ranbir Kapoor acting together in a film so soon, let’s take a look at the recent reports.

Times Now says, “The second part of the Brahmastra trilogy is unlikely to have another major star. No producer can afford it. After Animal, Ranbir is likely to re-negotiate his price. It stands at around Rs 60 crore now. To bring in Ranveer would be a blow to the budget as he would charge no less than Ranbir. As of now, no other actor, not even Ranveer, has been approached. The only surety is that Dharma Production is still on as the salient producer. Another producer is likely to be brought in later. Only then will Brahmastra 2’s cast be expanded. Right now, Ayan Mukerji is working on War 2. Brahmastra 2 won’t begin before 2026.”

Remember shelving of Rohit Shetty’s Ram Lakhan remake?

This makes more sense than the one talking about Ranveer signing Brahmastra 2 because we know how difficult it has been for producers to bring in two prominent stars in a film together. Celebs like Akshay Kumar and Rohit Shetty have been pretty vocal about the challenges they’ve faced in working on or backing a multi-starrer project. In fact, Shetty’s plans of making Ram-Lakhan were shelved because the younger lot was “too insecure to work together.”

Brahmastra 2 could gross RRR’s 550-crore+ budget?

Ranbir Kapoor is on a different high altogether after Animal, and any other star coming in a project with him won’t charge anything less than him to maintain his fee standard. How would any producer incur 100s crores in just the stars’ salaries plus seeing the scale of Brahmastra 1? Just imagine the cost that part 2 will have on the VFX and styling.

Remember how many numbers were thrown at our faces during Brahmastra Part 1 regarding its budget? It started at 350 crores and ended at 550 crores without knowing what was the actual number. But, if the makers have to bring in two stars, Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh, together in Brahmastra 2, they’ll surely have to spend a magnanimous amount of anywhere over 600 crore+ to make this magic happen. Now, imagine how much it would’ve earned even to recover that cost; forget about the profits.

Does that mean Brahmastra 2 is shelved?

That would be going too far to presume, but the makers will either have to work around the story by giving Ranbir Kapoor a double role to cut costs or go all out, spending 600 crore+ to bring in another actor. If the second theory comes to fruition, it would make this film the costliest Indian film ever made, beating RRR, which was also reported to be made at a staggering budget of 550 crores+.

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